Top 10 Piggy Roblox Characters to Scare Your Friends

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Are you an active player in Roblox? If so, we are sure that you have come across Piggy. Piggy is a scary survival game in Roblox in which you are supposed to escape from the chase of an evil piggy.

As Roblox Piggy gained more popularity more Piggy Roblox Characters were added, who were at times more terrifying and iconic. As you progress through different chapters in the Piggy game, you will come across several new Piggy Roblox Characters that you have to escape from.

If you have played Piggy enough, you might be familiar with some of these characters. Besides, these Piggy Roblox characters are some of the most terrifying and memorable characters on the entire platform.

So, if you wish to scare your friends with the costume of Piggy Roblox Characters and have a lot of fun, we can help you out!

In this article, we will show you the Top 10 Piggy Roblox Characters for you to try out. So that you can obtain these Piggy Roblox characters to surprise and scare your fellow Roblox friends.

1). Piggy

Piggy Roblox Characters - Piggy

How can we not start with the scariest and the most iconic skin- the Piggy itself? Most of you might already know that Piggy is inspired by the famous animated series character Peppa Pig. But this Piggy is neither friendly nor cute. Unlike Peppa Pig, Piggy from Roblox has his clothes stained with blood and one eye broken. Also, you will notice that Piggy has a baseball bat in his hands- not dolls or toys of any kind. The Piggy skin is a must-try if you are just starting out in the Piggy world. Because, without a doubt, Piggy is the most iconic among the Piggy Roblox characters and hence you should not miss it out!

[How to obtain: You can use Piggy skin by default]

2). Mr. P

Piggy Roblox Characters - Mr. p

Mr. P has a very weird design. The complete chaos that this character represents will be enough to spook anyone who happens to see it. Moreover, if you have played Piggy, Mr. P would be one of the most familiar Piggy Roblox characters after Piggy himself. Mr. P has a pink blob-like appearance wearing a suit and a hat. Also, it has a mechanic eye matched with a mechanic arm with a total mix-up of the design. The funny thing about Mr. P is, that the more familiar you are with the Piggy game, the higher the chance for you to get scared while he shoots!

[How to obtain: Finish the part called “True Ending” in Book 1 of Piggy]

3). Zompiggy

Piggy Roblox Characters - Zompiggy

What more can be terrifying than a scary pig combined with a zombie!? Zompiggy can visit your fellow opponent’s nightmares as it is considered one of the scariest Piggy Roblox characters. Because, it has a decaying appearance, with half of its skull exposed, wearing a dirty outfit of Piggy himself. Instead of a baseball bat, Zompiggy has a skeleton arm to attack and hack the rest of the players. If Zompiggy was someone’s Halloween costume, we will probably give the 1st prize to them.

[How to obtain: Spend 325 Tokens]

4). Kraxicorde

Piggy Roblox Characters - Kraxicorde

A blob, a zombie, what next- an alien? Yes, an alien! Kraxicorde is a unique-looking alien that will catch an eye or two. Most Piggy Roblox characters are terrifying in a similar fashion. Because they are either pig-themed or toy-like. Maybe this is what distinctly makes Kraxicorde scary. Its catchy purple colors and Kraken-inspired appearance will surely spook your friends and catch them off-guard. You will also find that there is a certain gradient that flows through the octopus-fish body of Kraxicorde. This also is a creepy factor that makes it a fan favorite.

[How to obtain: Spend 700 Tokens]

5). Sentinel

Piggy Roblox Characters - Sentinel

Are you looking for an animated skin in Piggy? Sentinel is probably the right choice for you then! It is the only one among the Piggy Roblox characters that have glowing skin. Also, the costume is of a piggy itself wearing a torn-off black cloth. Altogether, the spooky Sentinel is yet another classic costume for the spooky season.

[How to obtain: Gather all Pages of Book 1 in Piggy]

6). Teacher

Piggy Roblox Characters - Teacher

There is at least one teacher who scares the brain out of us! But what if we say there is a Teacher that can maybe scare you even more? It is the Teacher from Roblox. All Piggy Roblox Characters have one or the other tool with them and the Teacher also has a scary weapon- a ruler! Her yellow ruler might be familiar to some of you as it is used by many teachers in schools to rule. You will want to escape from their vicinity upon seeing the twinkling judgmental eyes behind large-round spectacles.

[Buy for 175 Tokens]

7). ???

Piggy Roblox Characters - ???

??? is the darkest, creepiest of all the Piggy Roblox characters. It has an appearance that can be called a mixture of Slender Man and boogie man. ???’s creepy smile and long nails can keep your fellow Roblox-mates awake even after the game-time. Also, you will notice that it has eyeballs all over its tall hat and a button instead of an eye on its left side. If you or someone gets chased by ??? the reaction is also probably going to be “???”.

[Get ??? by completing the hidden ending of Book 2 in Piggy]

8). Laura

Piggy Roblox Characters - Laura

At a first glance, Laura might not seem all that terrifying. But she is one of those Piggy Roblox characters that can grow into you. The blank-looking eyes of the small teddy and Laura give both an eerie presence. Her melting eye along with worn-out clothes with a baby teddy in her hand adds to the overall creepiness.

[Obtain Laura’s Skin by collecting all teddy bear parts on the Camp map. Then, take the soldier to the freshly spawned Teddy Bear from the blue-colored cabin.]

9). Twins

Piggy Roblox Characters - Twins

Twin dolls are evergreen scary characters. They feature in classic horror movies such as The Shining. The Twins in Piggy are a combination of those scary twin girls and Zaza and Zuzu Zebra from the series Peppa Pig. Upon seeing them, you will be twice as terrified as when you see other piggy Roblox characters.

[You can buy them for 650 Tokens]

10). Torcher

Piggy Roblox Characters - Torcher

While the rest of the Piggy Roblox characters have a scary appearance or spooky presence, Torcher is an exception. Torcher has a largely common look but has a weapon as big as himself. You can get a bit uneasy when you see his fire-resistant outfit with the big flamethrower. Also, note that Torcher is inspired by the famous Pyro from the game Team Fortress 2.

[Buy Torcher skin for 550 Tokens]

The Best Piggy Roblox Characters that will make you stand apart!

Piggy Roblox characters are generally well-designed and unique in appearance. However, you cannot obtain every one of them as some of them are exclusive skins.

The list above consists of only those skins that can be obtained by achieving tasks or spending Piggy Tokens.

Hope you get to scare your friends by appearing as these Piggy Roblox characters and have a memorable time playing the game!


What Piggy character is the best?

All Piggy Roblox characters are unique and can be considered the best in their own regard. Piggy characters such as Laura, Teacher, Mr. P, Zompiggy, Sentinel, Kraxicorde, Twins, and Torcher are scary and stand out from the usual Roblox skins.
It is up to you to find out the best from the Piggy Roblox characters’ skins and wear them to scare the rest of the players.

What is the rarest character in Piggy?

One of the rarest Piggy Roblox characters is Mr. P. This is because it is a secret obtainable object and you can only get it by completing the True Ending.

Which is the fastest piggy skin?

The fastest Piggy skin is the Golden Piggy. Golden Piggy is one of the exclusive skins on Roblox. Upon equipping it, you will turn into a gold-colored pig. But to unlock the skin, you must complete one of the secret missions. To unlock the fastest skin, you will have to unlock three other Roblox skins first.

What do red eyes in Piggy mean?

Red eyes in Piggy’s game denote the victims are left to be dead. White indicates to turn away and run from them. Whereas purple implies that the character is nice and lovely. Green denotes working and entertaining.

Who is the scariest Piggy skin?

Zompiggy and Kraxicorde are by far the scariest-looking Piggy Roblox characters out there. If zombies care about you, Zompiggy will make you numb. But then Kraxicorde is also a unique-looking glowing monster. Both of these skins are popular among users and if your intention is to scare other players, you can go for one of these two Zompiggy and Kraxicorde are by far the scariest-looking Piggy Roblox characters out there.

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