Terms of Service

For Submit Software:

  1. Software or applications submitted may not be software that infringes copyright, pirated software, unauthorized software, malicious software, illegally obtained software or software that may violate international legal provisions.
  2. Not allowed to upload software license, serial number, key, keygen, crack, patch, or software that can violate the intellectual property of individuals and companies authorized a software maker or author.
  3. Description of the software and/applications submitted must be explained in detail (eg: what the function, interface, version and other tools that may be required for the software to run as expected, for example: .NET Framework 5.xx).
  4. Include software download links that want to review, so that the software will be in the test can be tested and faster to be accepted.
  5. Include information names of individuals or companies authorized software makers, if necessary include also company info or individual software maker such as the name of the individual/company, address, email, website and so forth.

For User:

  1. We are not responsible for damage to computers and other things that may be caused by negligence or ignorance in the use of a software obtained from this site.
  2. Not allowed to comment, provide reviews or give statements that smell, pornography, or utterances verbally and textually that can harm others.
  3. Not allowed to spamming content on any part of this site.
  4. Any violation arising out of negligence or negligence may find appropriate and appropriate measures to provide comfort to all parties.
  5. Rules and policies may change over time, so read the rules periodically and carefully.