The Best Cool Roblox Characters: Top Designs for your Roblox Character 

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There is no end to possibilities and fun in Roblox. You can have your pets, create custom games, and explore tons of different games on the platform. While playing games on Roblox, you need to choose a character that fits your style along with being cool and trendy. Also, the Roblox character you create is what you appear as in all your favorite games on the platform. This includes popular titles such as Murder Mystery 2, Dungeon Quest, and Jailbreak. 

Designing a Roblox character that suits your personality or style allows you to express the same in the games you play. Moreover, your custom Roblox character can be however you want. You can take inspiration from popular culture, stories, or your imagination! 

If you are having a hard time deciding on designing your Roblox character, this article will surely be helpful for you. Here, we shall discuss how to design your Roblox character, How Robux works, and some of the coolest Robux designs ever. 

First, let us get to know how to design a Roblox character. 

Roblox Character Customization: 

To design or customize a Roblox character, you need a Roblox character editor. From the Roblox character editor, you can come up with your ideas for an outfit and personalize other content in the game. But to do all of these, you need to spend Robux- the official Roblox currency

Roblox Character Customization: 

Robux as the name suggests is Roblox money. Robux is primarily used to access certain items, body parts/outfits, and some games.  

These are the different options provided by Roblox to purchase Robux: 

  • 400 Robux for $4.99 
  • 800 Robux for $9.99 
  • 1,700 Robux for $19.99 

Apart from these, you can choose from these 3 monthly Robux subscriptions as well: 

  • 450 Robux for $4.99 per month 
  • 1,000 Robux for $9.99 per month 
  • 2,220 Robux for $19.99 per month 

Most of the Roblox character outfits are priced below 400 Robux, which means that you would have to spend $4.99 for them. After buying an outfit, you would still have 100 Robux left for future use. However, the Robux you would need depends on which Roblox character you wish to create. So, lay out a plan or choose a Roblox character from our list before you spend money on Robux! 

The Best Cool Roblox Character Designs (Avatars) 

Shota Aizawa 

Cool Roblox Character Designs - Shota Aizawa 
The Best Cool Roblox Characters: Top Designs for your Roblox Character  9

Shota Aizawa from My Hero Academia is an excellent Roblox character choice. He is the supporting character in the series and in a way, resonates with the platform as well as its users. Maybe it is because Shota Aizawa teaches at UA High School to teach the next gen heroes on using their Quirks wisely. Just like how he manages his Quirks and masters them, you can emulate his nature and be the Shota Aizawa of Roblox. 

Cost: 610 Robux 

Wonder Woman  

Cool Roblox Character Designs - Wonder Woman
The Best Cool Roblox Characters: Top Designs for your Roblox Character  10

Wonder Woman or Princess Diana of Themysceria from DC Comics is an iconic character that will always stay evergreen in pop culture. Diana was born from the clay sculpture her mother Queen Hippolyta made. She had superhuman powers which she got from the Ancient Greek Gods. Wonder Woman will be a wonderful addition to your Roblox character roster because she is known to be a great ruler, along with being strong, fast, and invulnerable in comic books. If you wish to assert your dominance in the Roblox platform, go for Wonder Woman- probably the strongest and coolest Roblox character you can design! 

Cost: 160 Robux 

Santa Claus  

Cool Roblox Character Designs - Santa Claus
The Best Cool Roblox Characters: Top Designs for your Roblox Character  11

If the holidays are near or if you want to be a gift that keeps on giving, you can play as the good old Santa Claus in Roblox. However so much the world changes, Saint Nick will always be the symbol of love, generosity, innocence, and coolness. Just make sure that you are as kind and loving as Santa Claus is, in the games. Because after all, your Roblox character is a Saint. 

Cost: 122 Robux 


Cool Roblox Character Designs - Goku 
The Best Cool Roblox Characters: Top Designs for your Roblox Character  12

Everyone knows Goku and everyone will always be in awe of his power. Goku is probably one of the most famous characters worldwide, particularly, those who grew up watching the Dragonball Series in their childhood. The strongest, most beloved, and brave Goku is one of the few Saiyans in the universe. He tries to harness and use his power for protecting his foster planet Earth and his family and friends. Also, Goku is a symbol of righteousness, hard work, and courage. So, without a doubt, Goku will be a cool and excellent choice as your Roblox character

Cost: 369 Robux 


Cool Roblox Character Designs - Superman 
The Best Cool Roblox Characters: Top Designs for your Roblox Character  13

No one can refute the claim that Superman from DC Comics is the most famous and recognizable superhero in the whole world. You could also say that he is the strongest of them all and the most iconic. If you wish to stand out and appear as the strongest Roblox character in the games, you can choose Superman and create some sweet crossover moments in the universe of Roblox games. So, you don’t have to think twice when you add Superman to your Roblox character collection. Superman Avatar can never be out of trend and can always give a psychological edge over your opponents. 

Cost: 380 Robux  

Nezuko Kamado 

Cool Roblox Character Designs - Nezuko Kamado 
The Best Cool Roblox Characters: Top Designs for your Roblox Character  14

Nezuko Kamado is a super cool character from Demon Slayer. To set her free from a demon’s possession, Tanjiro Kamado- her brother, turns into a Demon Slayer. You can choose her not only for her cool looks and outfit but also because she is a character that showcased exceptional strength and demonic prowess. Her iconic outfit includes a pink kimono and a half-chewed bamboo stick. Moreover, her unique appearance makes her the most sought-after Roblox character among many fans who have come across the manga series. 

Cost: 240 Robux 

Red Guard (From Squid Game) 

Squid Games was one of the biggest Netflix hits across the world. If you remember right, it is the Red Guards in the Squid Game that ensures that contestants play by the rules. You will have the scary black masks, and red hooded hazmat, along with large weapons as the Red Guard avatar. Also, it helps you stand out from other Roblox character designs with the extra terrifying look of control and surveillance. 

Cost: 345 Robux 


What is the coolest character/avatar in Roblox?

There is not one, but many cool characters in Roblox. Your aesthetics and taste determine the coolest Roblox character for you. However, our list will help you find a favorite Roblox character from some of the popular avatars.
Coolness of a character here is dependent on the popularity, the strength they showcase in their respective worlds, and the overall presence they have when you play as them in the game.
Note that you will need enough Robux with you to create these characters. Some of them can be a bit expensive while some can be built by spending under 200 Robux.
Our cool Roblox character list features Shota Aizawa (610 Robux), Wonder Woman (160 Robux), Santa Claus (122 Robux), Goku (369 Robux), Superman (380 Robux), Nezuko Kamado (245 Robux), Red Guard (345 Robux).
Apart from them, you can create the coolest Roblox character for yourself that are either inspired by popular culture or from your own imagination!

What is the coolest Roblox skin?

No one can consider a Roblox skin the coolest. You can play various unique games on Roblox and represent yourself as different avatars in the games. Hence, you should choose a character skin that suits your personality and style.
There are many custom skins developed by players in the platform that you can buy using Robux from the store. A quick search through the available skins will enable you to find out the coolest one for your Roblox character!

What is the best avatar in Roblox for girls?

Each person will have a different preference when it comes to choosing avatar for their Roblox character. There are many Roblox character skins and avatars available on Roblox. Some of the avatars made by players may echo your aesthetics well while some may not.
Some of the cute Roblox avatars that girls typically choose include Serena, Sleepy Fairy, Cindy, Beatrix the Pirate Queen, et cetera.
You can also create avatars on your own and give wings to your imaginations. If you want to a girl Roblox character, just remember to choose the appropriate gender. Follow these steps to choose the gender of your character:
Select the cog icon on the top-right of your screen.
Click on ‘Settings’ in the menu that appears.
Go to the Personal option.
From there, select the appropriate gender
This way, you can create your own best girl Roblox avatar that fits the best for your Roblox character.

How to create a Roblox character?

You can create a custom Roblox character on Windows or Mac OS by following these steps:
Click the ‘Avatar’ icon on the left side after you open the Roblox app.
Then, on the Avatar editor main page, you can use a few options such as body shapes and basic clothing choices. Choose the ideal ones from the given options.
For in-depth customization of your Roblox character, choose one of the categories of customization. From there, you can modify clothing, body, animations, and accessories for your Roblox character. Choose whichever sub-categories you want to modify.
You can buy items by spending Robux. There are thousands of items you can choose and buy from. You can check a preview with the “Try On” option and click on “Buy” or “Get” to proceed buying it for your Roblox character.
You can also customize or modify your Roblox character on your Android or iOS device. Just like Windows and Mac, it is easy to navigate and customize a Roblox character in both of those platforms.

What is the rarest thing in Roblox?

The rarest item on Roblox is the Dominus Frigidus hat. You will be astounded to know that there are only 26 copies of this item released to the store for $487.50. A Roblox user by the name Sethycakes designed this item when he visited the headquarters of Roblox as a part of the Make-A-Wish foundation. Right now, the Dominus Frigidus hat is priced between $250,000 & &7.7 million.
Because of the price and the few number of copies, you can consider this item as the rarest item available on Roblox.

End note: 

All these Roblox character designs are selected based on their popularity and long-standing reception among users. Besides, all of them are iconic and memorable for the right reasons. You can also explore and find out more options, but the choices from the list above will help you create a cool Roblox character at an affordable cost. Otherwise, find a combination and create a Roblox character that reflects your personality! 

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