How to Give Robux to Your Friend on Roblox

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Roblox is a wholesome gaming platform in which you and your friends can create some memorable moments. In a wholesome platform, who would not want to spread some happiness by making their friends feel special? The best way to do this is by gifting them some Robux. But how to give Robux to your friend? If you are wondering how to give your friends Robux on Roblox, we have the answer for you!

Roblox does not allow you to send Robux to your friends directly. However, there are a few ways you could send Robux to your Roblox friends.

These methods involve a bit of time and effort. Hence, you can go through this quick and easy guide to find out how to send Robux to your friends and choose the suitable method for you.

What is Robux?

If you are relatively new to Roblox, you may need a better idea of what Robux means. Robux is the currency of the gaming platform Roblox. This means that you can buy various items with Robux.

With Robux, you can buy upgrades, build your games, create, or buy items, and many more. If you do not have enough Robux, you may miss out on several unique experiences and items in Roblox.

But how can you get Robux? The quickest and most straightforward way to get Robux is by buying them for real money. For 80 Robux, you have to spend $0.99 out of your pocket. There are premium membership packages, such as the $4.99 package for 450 Robux per month. It is up to you to choose the best one among the packages and buying options for Robux.

You can also try to get Roblox Gift Cards that you can convert into Robux later.

Now that we are clear with what Robux is, let us find out how to give Robux to your friend on Roblox.

How to Send Robux to your Friends?

Roblox does not allow you to send Robux to your friends directly. Instead, many users send their friends Robux by creating a donation T-shirt and selling it to receive Robux.

Another popular way is by buying Roblox Gift Cards through amazon and sending them The Gift Cards can be then redeemed and converted into Robux by your friend.

Apart from this popular method of using gift cards, there are a few other ways you can give Robux to your friend.

1st Method: By Purchasing a Donation Item Made by Your Friend

If you want to use this method to give Robux to your friend, your friend will have to create a donation item in Roblox. Then, they have to make the donation item available in the Roblox catalog. This will enable you to purchase the item for a specific amount of Robux. Here is how to give Robux to your friend by buying their donation item:

  1. Ask your friend to create one donation item in Roblox and put it in the catalog for sale.
  2. To create donation items, your friend must be a member of the Roblox Builder’s Club. To join the Club, they will need a Premium Membership that costs $4.99/month. Only the seller of the item requires the Builder’s Club membership, the buyer does not.
  3. Then, your friend can give a specific price for the item and upload it to the Roblox catalog.
  4. After the item is uploaded, you can search for its name and buy it for the price specified by your friend.
  5. To do this, the first Login to Roblox.
  6. Select the “Catalog” option on the top left of the navigation bar.
  7. Once you find the item, click, and buy it. For all the items sold on the Roblox catalog, a 30 percent market is applied.
  8. When the purchase is over, your friend gets the Robux you spent.

This method requires your friend to have a Builder’s Club membership and they will have to create a donation item as well. Hence, you might wonder how to give Robux to your friend through an easier means.

2nd Method: Give Robux to Your Friend Using Game Pass

If your friend cannot become a Builder Club member, then this method could be the one for you. It involves buying the game pass made by your friend in exchange for Robux.

Here is how to give Robux to your friend by purchasing a game pass:

  1. First, your friend has to create a game pass.
  2. To do this, select the ‘Create’ option on the bar at the top of the screen.
  3. You need a game created with the Roblox downloadable studio. In the created game, click the cog icon for a dropdown menu to appear.
  4. From the menu, choose the option ‘Create Pass.’
  5. Then, click ‘Choose File’ for the browser to appear.
  6. From the files, choose an image that you want as the icon for the Game Pass.
  7. Afterward, add a name and a description (optional) for the Game Pass.
  8. Check the preview for the Game Pass and then click on ‘Verify Upload’ for the publishing of the pass.
  9. Once you finish with these steps, you need to scroll down and select the Game Pass icon and choose ‘Configure.’
  10. Under the configuration option, click on ‘Sales.’
  11. An option to toggle ‘Item for Sale’ will appear- turn it on.
  12. Once you click ‘Save’, you have put the Game Pass for public sale.
  13. Now, you can log out of the friend’s Roblox account and log in from yours.
  14. And, purchase the respective Game Pass for the Robux specified (Please note that only 70% of your Robux will be given to your friend; the rest of it will be taken by Roblox as the market tax).
[Including the sale and the transfer of Robux to the friend’s account, it will take 3 days to complete this method.]

3rd Method: Create a Group and Share Robux with Friends in the Group

Sending Robux to your group member is an excellent method to give Robux on Roblox. You can do this by making a Robux donation to the group. However, you need to spend 100 Robux to create a group in Roblox.

  1. Go to the ‘Create Group’ option and add the required information. It is mandatory to add a Group Emblem and Group Name.
  2. Then, change the group’s privacy to manual approval or public.
  3. Finish creating the group by spending 100 Robux.
  4. Ask your friends to join the group.
  5. Afterward, add funds to the group. You can do this by creating a clothing material to be purchased or by any other means as well.
  6. Then, publish a game pass. This will enable you to transfer the Robux as group funds if someone purchases the item you made. You distribute this fund or Robux among the members of the group.
  7. If you want to give Robux to one of your friends in the group, select the three dots on the top right and click on the ‘Configure Group’ option.
  8. Proceed to Revenue -> Payouts -> One-time Payouts -> and Add Payout Recipients.
  9. Here, you can enter whichever group member’s name you want to gift the Robux.
  10. Finally, enter the amount of Robux you want to give them.

Giving Robux by becoming a group member is probably the quickest and easiest method to give Robux to your friend on Roblox.


How do I send Robux to a friend on mobile?

On mobile or any device, you can give Robux to your friend by buying a t-shirt or any item they create. Just give a unique name to the item before uploading, so that you can find it easier and buy it for the amount of Robux given.
The entire amount of Robux you spend will not go to your friend, as Roblox will take 30% of it as Market Tax.
If you and your friend are in a group on Roblox, you can easily distribute Roblox to your friend using the distribute Robux option in the group.

How to give Robux to friends without a group?

1. Ask your friend to create a Game Pass.
2. Ask them to set it to the Robux you want to give them.
3. Then, buy the Roblox game pass for the entered amount.
Please note that Roblox will take a share of Robux from the amount you spent. Because the market tax gets deducted when you buy anything in Roblox.

How much do 10 dollars get you in Robux?

According to the Roblox website, you can get 800 Robux if you spend $10.

End note:

Hope you found an answer to your question of how to give Robux to your friend on Roblox. All three of these methods involve quite a few steps. But the third and the last method is easier because once you create and become group members, sending Robux to each other will become less difficult.

Hope you continue to enjoy playing Roblox and sending Robux to each other!

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