Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars

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Many video games or gaming platforms allow you to create characters of your liking. But in many cases, you might have felt that the outfits or the looks provided in the game are limited and do not allow you to create diverse-looking characters. But in Roblox– one of the most popular gaming platforms, outfits are all-inclusive. You can build a Roblox character from this list of cute Roblox Avatars and express your aesthetics as you play!

Sometimes it can be confusing when there are so many choices to pick from! The avatar shop in the Roblox platform is a good example of such a case. It includes a variety of costumes such as unique heroes, scary monsters, and more. However, at times, Roblox character outfits to create cute Roblox avatars can be difficult to find.

If you have created a Roblox account and logged in and are trying to find out Roblox character outfits suitable for cute Roblox avatars, you have come to the right place.

Because, in this article, we have curated the 10 best cute Roblox avatars for your Roblox character!

Top Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars

Are you a Roblox player who is in search of unique and cute Roblox avatars or designs for your Roblox character? Your search ends here. Here are the top 10 cute Roblox avatars to take inspiration from while carefully designing your Roblox character!

In this list, we include the top 5 of the free Roblox character outfits for creating your cute Roblox avatars as well as 5 paid ones.

Hope you enjoy trying them out!

Top 5 Free Cute Roblox Avatars/Roblox Character Designs

Sleepy Fairy:

Cute Roblox Avatars - Sleepy Fairy
Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars 13

Who doesn’t want a magical appearance while striding around as their Roblox character!? Sleepy Fairy is one of our top suggestions in the cute Roblox avatars list. They have a cute pink-colored costume with matching and catchy hairstyles. Also, to look more like a fairy, the Roblox character outfit involves a large pink and blue magical shaft. This shaft can act as your power source. Apart from these, to indicate the sleepiness of the fairy, they have glasses that look like eye masks and a “zzz” sign above their head.

Teen in Red:

Cute Roblox Avatars - Teen in Red
Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars 14

Teen in Red is probably the simplest outfit in our list of cute Roblox avatars. This Roblox character might seem simple, but it will grow into you and will appear cuter as you play. Moreover, this Roblox character has a relatable look of a happy-go-lucky teenager. The fan sign on the back of this Roblox character suits their overall theme and makes her one of the best free cute Roblox avatars.

Casual Adidas:

Cute Roblox Avatars - Casual Adidas
Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars 15

If you are looking for an outfit that you would also wear at home, this is the one for you. This Casual Adidas outfit will be super cute for your Roblox character. Plus, they have a trendy hairstyle with the red beanie along with the iconic blue hoodie from Adidas with Black n White bottoms. Altogether they can easily pass off as one of the cute Roblox avatars ever- if cuteness is defined by simplicity and relatability.


Cute Roblox Avatars - Serena
Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars 16

Sometimes customizing your Roblox character can become tiresome. In such cases, you should go for simple but cute Roblox avatars, so that you will not regret your choice afterward. Serena is one such simple avatar, who will resonate with many people’s aesthetics. A major reason behind this is the minimalism in their outfit. Let’s admit it, every Roblox character by default is cute. And if a tiny little scarf, sweater, and skull cap are added, Serena is easily among the simplest but cute Roblox avatars.


Cute Roblox Avatars - Cindy
Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars 17

You might already know Cindy. She is a well-known Roblox character and is among the cutest Roblox avatars in the official Roblox character crew. All you have to do is to install the character bundle to play as Cindy. In no time, she will be one of the favorite additions to your collection of cute Roblox avatars.

Top 5 Paid Cute Roblox Avatars/Roblox Character Designs

Beatrix the Bee Cadet:

Cute Roblox Avatars - Beatrix the Bee Cadet
Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars 18

Want to catch the eyes of the rest of the Roblox users with your avatar’s sheer elegance? Go for Beatrix the Bee Cadet! They are small bee who is extremely shy but hard-working. You will understand why they are the most sought-after choice among the cute Roblox avatars once you see them. Mainly because, they have a highly detailed cute outfit including horns, bee wings, and a black uniform. Cost: 250 Robux

Wyldfire Fairy:

Cute Roblox Avatars - Wyldfire Fairy
Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars 19

There is a fairy that represents almost everything in nature. But have you heard of the Wyldfire Fairy? Now you have. You may feel that this outfit is a little too expensive, but it would be wrong not to mention them. Wyldfire Fairy is arguably the cutest of cute Roblox avatars. They have large and beautiful wings, a flame-like costume, and a very distinct yellow hairstyle. They will be the perfect choice for you if you are planning to join a medieval or fantasy-themed game server on Roblox. Cost: 700 Robux

Skater Gurl:

Cute Roblox Avatars - Skater Gurl
Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars 20

Skater Gurl Roblox character outfit is among the all-time favorites among cute Roblox avatars. They are extremely skilled at skating and are passionate about it. So, if your personality suits their outfit or if you find skating cute, then you can be the Skater Gurl! Cost: 200 Robux

Star-Mist Fairy:

Cute Roblox Avatars - Star-Mist Fairy
Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars 21

Star-mist Fairy is yet another top choice for those who are looking for fantasy-themed outfits for their Roblox character. The depth of their personality and mystery presented from their outfit makes them one of the most desirable cute Roblox avatars. There is no wonder why this outfit got recognized in the Rthro Design Competition of 2018. Cost: 250 Robux

Angry Gamer Girl by NADIRADIYANA (Bonus!):

Cute Roblox Avatars - Angry Gamer Girl by NADIRADIYANA
Top 10 Roblox Character Outfits for Cute Roblox Avatars 22

We have intentionally included this Roblox character outfit because many gamer girls have to, unfortunately, face a lot of trouble on all the platforms. The Angry Gamer Girl is a representative of all the frustrated gamer girls who want to express their honest emotions. This may not make her a top choice among cute Roblox avatars, but she sure has a set of cute outfits. It includes bunny-ear-looking headphones and a white dress. This Roblox character has an angry face all the time so that people will not easily come and mess with them. Cost: 200 Robux


How do you make a cute girl avatar on Roblox?

To make cute Roblox avatars for your girl Roblox character, you need to first set the gender to girl. You can do this by following these steps:
1. Select the cog icon on the top right -> click on Settings -> go to the ‘Personal’ section in the settings -> Choose the correct gender in the option.
2. After you choose the right gender, then you can proceed to the section where you can create the character.
3. From the items and accessories available you can buy and build cute Roblox avatars avatar on your own for your girl Roblox character.

Should I spend Robux on the avatar?

Many Roblox users spend their Robux on extra items and special rooms. But the best way you can spend your Robux is to build a good-looking Roblox character.
You can use a Roblox character across the games in the Roblox platform. Hence, it is totally worth spending Robux on building the best avatar for you.

What are some cute Roblox girl usernames?

You can give a username that matches the appearance of your cute Roblox avatars. Also, you will have to spend 1,000 Robux to change your username again. So, it is best to give proper time and thought before you decide on a username for your Roblox character.
Some of the examples for cute Roblox girl usernames are:
Queen Bee
Wild Fairy
Her Majesty
Battle Mistress
Apart from these, you can try and come up with a great username that reflects your personality. Just make sure that you are pleased with it; because you have to spend 1000 Robux to change it again.

What Roblox games do girls like?

Girl Roblox players can have different preferences according to their taste and liking. However, there are a few Roblox games titles that girls usually prefer to play. Some of them are:
Fashion Famous
Royale High
Horse World
Adopt Me
Stylz Makeover
Murder Mystery 2
Theme Park Tycoon 2
Roblox High School
There are many more Roblox games that girls would enjoy playing. You can explore and find out a game that you would enjoy the most. After all, finding out is also a part of the fun!

How do you get cute faces on Roblox?

On the Roblox’s official website, visit the Heads Catalog. From there you can choose a cute Roblox face that complements well with your cute Roblox character. Some of the faces available are free. But there are some cute faces in the catalog that can be bought by spending Robux.


There are many cute Roblox avatars to choose from or to inspire while designing your Roblox character. But only a few will make you feel that they are worth the effort and the Robux spent.

The cute Roblox avatars in this list were chosen based on their popularity and likeability. Hope you enjoyed creating them and playing with them.

Please let us know below if you have any comments or queries.

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