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Epson L5190 resetter is a software adjustment program used to repair Epson L5190 printers that encountered a “Service Required” error while the printer was in use. When an error like this occurs, of course the Epson L5190 printer will not be usable and must be reset using the Epson L5190 resetter which you can get for free here (download links in below article).

Before you download the Epson L5190 Resetter, you must first disable the antiviruses on your computer for a while, including Windows Realtime Protection if you are using Windows 10. This is done so that your Windows does not mistake thought that your Epson L5190 printer resetter regarded as virus, and can be deleted automatically.

Then after you download the resetter, you can extract the resetter, then you can open the file “AdjProg.exe“. There you will be asking its license key, ctrl+v the Hardware ID in notepad, and you can get the license by opening the folder Epson L5190 +\Specific Generators\EXE\WLGen_Epson L5190.exe. You can paste the hardware ID that appeared earlier into this file and generate the key. After the key is generated, copy all the key files put one folder with “AdjProg.exe“. Then run the resetter again. For a complete guide you can watch the video below.

How to reset Epson L5190? Watch video below or click here.

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