How to Reset Epson L5190 Printer

Last Updated on November 11, 2022 by Humera Hallari

To reset Epson Printer L5190 the way is a little long so it needs precision and patience to be able to do it. But having successfully reset the Epson L5190 printer will certainly make us happy because printer can be reused normally.

Here is a complete guide how to reset Epson L5190 printer with software resetter (adjustment program)

1. Before downloading the resetter software, you must disable all antiviruses on your computer, be it Windows real time protection, avast, avira or other antiviruses. This is done to avoid being mistaken by antiviruses who think the program is a virus.

2. After all your antivirus is disabled for a while, you can then download the resetter software through this link click here.

3. Extract the downloaded file, can be done by right-clicking > extract here. Or according to the compress program you have.

4. Inside there are two main folders namely L5190 onePC and Specific Generators folders. This important folder is where file resetter is located and the program files needed for the epson L5190 resetter to run.

5. First open the onePC L5190 folder and run the Adjprog.exe file by double-clicking or right-clicking > Open. An alert/pop up will appear with Hardware ID. Please copy the Hardware ID, by means of Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V to notepad, or the program you like. Later Hardware ID will be needed to generate key.

6. Open the “WLGen_Epson L5190.exe” file in the \Epson L5190 + Keygen\Specific Generators\EXE\ folder. Then select License Manager > Add License. Create a license to open the resetter, and don’t forget to paste the Hardware ID that you have copied earlier in the Hardware ID field, for other data can be filled freely.

7. Once all fields are filled in, then click the Save > Create License Key button. The program will create a folder with the name you typed in the “Customer & Company” field.

8. Open the folder and paste all files inside one directory with the Adjprog.exe in the \Epson folder L5190 + Keygen\L5190 onePC\.

9. After that try again to open the file “Adjprog.exe” by double-clicking, the resetter should be able to open normally.

10. After the resetter opens, please select Particular adjustment mode > Waste ink pad counter > Ok.

11. Tick in the “Main pad counter” section, then click the “Check button, followed by clicking the “Initialize” button, if this step errors, you can repeat by clicking the button again.

12. If you have successfully clicked Finish button, and turn off your Epson L5190 printer, then turn printer back on.

After all the printer reset process was successful, your Epson L5190 printer should be reusable. If you still have difficulty, you can see the tutorial in the video format below.

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  1. Hi Sir! This is not working for me. An error prompt appears when I reach the part “Check the current counter value. ” and “Initialize”. I have copied the prompt below. Hope you can assist me with this.
    Communication error!

    Error Code : 20000010


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