ITV Hub not working – How to fix

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Are you facing the same issue of ITV Hub not working on Smart TV? No need to worry here I am with some ways to fix ITV Hub not working on smart TVs.

ITV Hub is a video streaming service in the UK. It’s one of the best Streaming platforms which streams dramas, Blockbuster films, documentaries, news, and live sports on ITVX. Like all other apps, ITV Hub is also not free from errors and crashes. It sometimes shows errors or crashes in between the live streaming, especially on smart TVs.

In today’s article, I will explain why ITV Hub is not working on smart TVs. I will also tell you how to fix these errors and watch your favorite TV shows with unlimited access.

Why is ITV Hub not working on Smart TV?

There are various reasons why the ITV Hub is not working on your smart TV. I have listed the most common reasons that directly affect the app and show errors while streaming ITV Hub on your smart TV. By understanding these reasons, you will be able to solve the errors coming on your TV.

1. Use of an outdated version of the app

The use of an Outdated version of ITV Hub is the most common reason why the error appears. Like any other app ITV Hub, makers also release frequent updates for better performance and provide users with recent content. If you are using the older version of the app, you may face some errors while streaming. For this, you need to keep your app updated. You can turn on the notification settings on your mobile or smart TV which reminds you and notifies you when a new update of the app is released.

2. Servers Issue

Another common reason is Server error. The app may face some server error due to which the app shuts down temporarily. In this case, you may wait for some time to get these errors resolved.

3. ITV Hub error

Every app has its terms of use policy. Often users face errors due to content availability, region restrictions, or other app-specific issues. You may also face problems due to poor internet connection, or hardware limitations of your device itself.

How to fix ITV Hub not working on smart TVs and other Devices

1. Restart the App or Reinstall it on your Device

The first thing you should do is Restart your app. Restarting your clears caches and resolves minor errors related to functionality. To Restart your App follow the steps below:

Close the ITV Hub app completely >> Remove the app from the recently played list and close the app completely >> Now wait for a few minutes and open the app again on your device.

If this resolves your problem then you can continue watching your favourite TV shows. But if you are facing the same problem again then it is recommended to Uninstall the app from your smart TV and then Reinstall it. To Reinstall the app follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Locate the ITV Hub app on your smart TV.
  • Open app settings or long-press the select button to open the list.
  • Now select Install to remove the ITV Hub application from your device. Now power off your Device and switch it on After a few minutes.
  • Now go to the App Store on your smart TV and search for the ITV Hub app in the search bar.
  • Now open the app info and click the install button.
  • Once the app is installed open the app and enter your login credentials to start using the app.

Reinstalling the apps clears the cache and old data. It also resolves problems like continuous buffering, unexpected crashes, and other errors.

2. Fixing the ITV Hub server issue

At a time the problem is not with your device but from the ITV Hub end. The apps show temporary errors which may occur due to Server overloads, and some technical difficulties or app maintenance. If other users are also facing the same issue, it is obvious that it is from ITV Hub’s end. In such a case, you may check ITV Hub’s official website and visit their social media accounts to get updates about server status.

3. Restart your Smart TV

Another way of Fixing the ITV Hub not working error is Restarting your Smart TV. You can also Factory Reset your Smart TV but I would highly recommend first restarting your Smart TV. To restart your smart TV Follow the steps below:

Turn off your Smart TV by pressing the power button on the remote control >>> Now turn off the TV by unplugging it from the main power source >>> Now wait for some time >>> Reconnect the TV to the main socket and turn on using the remote control.

You can also reset your Smart TV by long pressing the power button >>> Now you will see a pop-up with several options >>> Look for the reset option and click on it to simply restart your TV.

Now check if the ITV app is working properly or not. If you are still facing some errors then factory reset your smart TV. Remember that factory Resetting your device clears all previous data and saved accounts.

To factory reset your TV follow the steps below:

Open the settings on your smart TV >>> Scroll down and look for the support option >>> Choose self-diagnosis followed by the reset option >>> Now you may have to enter your TV PIN >>> Now press the confirm button to reset your TV.

4. Check your internet connection or Reset your Wi-Fi router

At times you may face continuous buffering or errors due to poor internet speed. So it is always better to check if your Internet is working properly or not. You can check with your other devices if your Wifi is working properly on other connected devices. You may also check your internet speed. The minimum speed recommendation by ITV Hub is 800 kbps for standard content and at least 2 Mbps for high-definition content.

If you are live streaming the TV show on your smart TV then I would recommend you to disconnect all other devices for uninterrupted Streaming. Lastly for a strong and stable connection use a wired connection that directly connects the wifi line to your smart TV.

Another way to resolve the connectivity issues is to soft restart your wifi router. For this, you need first to switch off the power button to turn your router off >>> Now wait for some time and turn it on by switching on the power button. You can also long-press the reset button located at the back of your router to completely restart your Wifi router.

5. Update the ITV Hub app on your Smart TV

Like every other app, ITV Hub releases updates to give users the best experience and solve other issues. It also updates some newly released shows and movies. Updating your app resolves the technical issues and also makes the app easy to use and compatible with your Smart TV.

To update your app go to the App Store on your device and check if an update is available or not. You can also turn on the notification to get updated when is new update is available on the app store.

Other Ways to Resolve ITV Hub related errors

  1. Clearing the ITV Hub app cache also helps in resolving speed and performance errors. To clear caches go to your smart TV Settings option >>> Open ITV Hub app Settings and CLear cache.
  2. Another way to tackle this with continuous buffering and freezing errors is to adjust your streaming quality. The allows users to stream programs even with slightly low internet speeds.
  3. Updating your smart TV is equally important. Sometimes users face issues even after updating the ITV Hub app. In such cases, you need to check if there is any firmware update of Smart TV is available or not. This way you can resolve device compatibility issues.

Contacting the ITV Hub support Team

After trying all methods if you still face issues then it is recommended to contact the ITV Hub customer support team to get clarity on the issues you are facing. To contact the ITV Hub customer support team follow the steps below.

Screenshot 615

Visit the ITV Hub official website >>> Scroll Down and look for the Contact Us option >>>Fill in the required details and address your issue >>> Doing this sends a request to the ITV Hub Support Team and they will shortly contact you.

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