Does Facebook notify screenshots? – Here’s the truth

Last Updated on February 6, 2024 by Humera Hallari

Using Facebook is fun and we all take screenshots of posts we like. But what if Facebook notifies the person whenever we take screenshots? Yes in this article I will give a brief on Does Facebook notify screenshots. I will also share if Facebook has any privacy policy related to screenshots.

We all use social media sites to keep ourselves updated with all kinds of trends and latest updates whether it’s fashion, current news, or tech updates. However one of our most common habits is taking screenshots while using Social media. Yes, we all must have taken a screenshot of some post or chat on social media at some point. However, we do realize that it is a matter of someone’s privacy. It is incorrect to take screenshots of someone’s personal photo, post, or chat without their consent. But what if Facebook notifies users every time a screenshot is taken?

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Does Facebook notify Screenshots?

The answer is No. Facebook’s privacy settings do not include any such feature that notifies users when their content is screenshotted. Whether it’s a profile picture, a post, or a chat in Messenger no notification is sent to the users when the screenshot is taken.

Does Facebook notify users of screenshots on profiles, stories, and posts?

No notification is sent to the users if someone takes a screenshot of their profile photo or cover page. The same goes for the photos shared on social media. Whether it’s a solo photo or a picture with a group of friends, all your followers can view your posted photo and take screenshots with you getting notified. If you have created a public profile then anyone using Facebook can view your account and pictures posted on it. They can also take screenshots without you knowing. So it is highly recomended to change your profile settings to personal so that only your followers can check out your account.

Facebook Stories has a feature that allows you to check who viewed your story but it does not send any notification if someone screenshots it.

Does Facebook notify users of screenshots during chats

Talking about Facebook Messenger chats users can also take screenshots of chats during the call or later without getting notified. In addition, there is no such policy on Facebook that prevents users from screen recording during calls or chats.

Comparison of Facebook screenshots policy to other social media sites

As mentioned above Facebook does not explicitly prohibit taking screenshots. When we compare other social media platforms’ policies then Instagram and twitter work in a similar way. Instagram and Twitter have a more or less similar approach to screenshots. But they have guidelines and recommend users to be mindful of their posts and stories before putting them online.

However when we look at Snapchat’s privacy policy then it has a feature that notifies users when someone takes screenshots of their stories or chats. It also sends a notification when another person takes a screenshot or a picture shared in the personal chat window.

Best practices for maintaining privacy while using Facebook

Now we know that Facebook does not restrict users from taking screenshots it is very important to be careful before posting anything on social media. You can also customize your profile settings and keep a check on who sees your profile and posts.

The first thing you could do is review your friend list. You can also control who can send you friend requests. and after getting friend requests from other users it is in your control to either accept or reject their request. So be careful while approving someone’s friend request because once you approve the request then another person can view your profile details, posts, and chat and can also take screenshots without you getting notified. Limiting these to ‘Friends of Friends’ can help reduce unsolicited interactions. To keep control of who can send you friend requests follow the steps below.

Go to settings >> Audience and visibility >> Select How people find you option to customize your followers and follow requests settings

The second thing that Facebook allows users to protect their privacy is to customize their story settings. User can see who sees their stories. User can also hide their stories from people who are already following them. So if you want to hide your stories from someone who is in your followers list then you can do that too. Users can also control where the stories are shared. You can customize your stories by following the steps below:

Go to settings >> Audience and visibility >> Select Stories option and customize their stories settings. like control who can see stories or control where your story is shared.

Another important feature of Facebook privacy settings is to change your profile and tagging settings. Under this option, you can select who can post on your profile and who can see what others post on your profile. You can also control if someone can reshare your story on their personal Facebook account. This is the best option to control your personal information and story reshares. To change your Profile and Tagging settings follow the steps below

Go to settings >> Audience and visibility >> Select Profile and Tagging to customize your tagging information.

Facebook also has a feature that helps you customize your reels and Post settings to protect your privacy. You can control who can see your posts and reels and can also keep control of who can reshare your reels or posts on their Facebook account.


To sum up, Facebook does not have any feature that notifies you when someone takes screenshots of your chat or posts. But it has some extraordinary privacy settings that users can customize as per their convenience. Facebook has an internal settings option where users can control who can see their stores, Posts, and Reels. Users can also customize settings where they can prevent reshare of their posts and control their tagging options.

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