How to Contact Vinted UK – Short Guide

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If you are having a certain issue with your Vinted UK purchase and want to contact Vinted customer service. Then no need to worry here you will find a complete Guide on How to contact Vinted UK.

Vinted UK is an online Marketplace in the UK that helps people sell their goods from the comfort of their homes. You can sell or buy everything from clothes to Tech accessories, cosmetics, Furniture, and Other Home Accessories. Even though the buying and selling is taking place between two users sometimes you need the help of Customer service to Resolve certain issues.

You can easily Contact Vinted UK Customer Service in different ways. You can either contact them by filling out the Contact Form or directly writing a mail to the Vinted UK Customer Support Team. Below I have mentioned different ways to contact the Vinted UK.

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Ways to Contact Vinted UK

Firstly if you are having any difficulty with your Vinted UK Purchase and don’t know how to go about it. Then go to the Vinted UK Official website and refer to their Faqs Section to get Answers. If you Still need help then directly contacting the Vinted UK customer service team is the best thing to do.

Using Vinted UK Official App or Website

Step 1 – Click the Button Below to Visit Vinted UK’s official website.

Step 2 – Now find the Sign in option on the upper Left Corner and enter Credentials to Login to your Account.

step2 2
How to Contact Vinted UK - Short Guide 9

Step 3 – Navigate to the Help Centre option. You will find this option at the bottom of the Homepage. If you are using the Vinted UK official App then look for Help Centre Option in the dropdown menu under your profile.

step 3 2
How to Contact Vinted UK - Short Guide 10

Step 4 – Once you click on the Help Centre option you will find different Topics. Choose the relevant option and check if your Query is addressed in the Topics listed. Under each topic there is a further breakdown and a brief guide has been given by the Vinted UK to help customers resolve their issues.

step 4 4
How to Contact Vinted UK - Short Guide 11
step 4 part 2 2
How to Contact Vinted UK - Short Guide 12
step 4 part 3 2
How to Contact Vinted UK - Short Guide 13

Step 5 – If your issue is still not resolved and you need further assistance then fill out the Vinted UK Contact Form.

step 5 1
How to Contact Vinted UK - Short Guide 14

Here you will need to provide them with your Order ID, Mail Address, and Pictures to explain your query. After submitting your Query Vinted UK Customer Support team contacts you in your mail.

Through Social Media Platforms

You can also address your query to the Vinted UK support team through social media platforms. Vinted UK also maintains an active social media account to keep users updated. You can use their Instagram account, Facebook Account, or Twitter. You can directly message the Vinted UK team using any of these platforms to get your issue resolved. Below I have provided the links for all three social media accounts. Click on the button below to directly jump onto the respective social media page of Vinted UK.

What is the response Time After successfully filling out the contact form?

Once you have successfully contacted the Vinted UK customer support team then you have to wait for some time. The response time may vary for every user. You may get the reply within hours or it may take a day or two. This totally depends on the complexity of the matter and all the screenshots and pictures provided by the user. If you have shared all the pictures and screenshots supporting your problem then you might get your issue resolved early.

What is the information you need to provide while filling out the Vinted UK Contact Form?

The first and most important thing is your Username and Order ID. This helps the team to easily track your order and related complaints.

You need to share the screenshots if the query is related to transactions or refunds. If you have a problem with the product received then share the pictures of the product.

Is there any alternative method to solve your issue related to Vinted UK

Well, I would say contacting the support team is the best thing to do. because you will be provided with the best possible solution from the Vinted UK customer team. If you are not satisfied with the solution then you can visit some community forums. Community forums are the best place where you will get all the tips and feedback about anything and everything you want. You can also discuss your issue with other users on community forums to find some alternate solution for your query.


Vinted UK is a website that provides users with the best items in their budget. Mostly you get your desired product without any hassle. Sometimes you face issues with the product received or problems related to payment or refund. In this case, you need to contact the Support Team. Contacting the Vinted UK Support Team by filling out the contact form is the best way to contact them.

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