How to Track a Stolen Laptop with Serial Number?

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How to track a stolen laptop with serial number? Are you tired of your laptop getting lost? Well, maybe it was stolen by people who snatched it while you were away and never bothered to return it to you. Now you’re left with a big hole in your pocket as you bought costly equipment which is of no use to you. I will help you herein and provide you with some information about tracking a stolen laptop with its serial number.

Again, I will ask you. Have you lost your laptop and tried to track it down? Do you know the ultra-cool tricks to retrieve it? If your answer is yes, then don’t forget to read on.

Why You Need to Track your Stolen Laptop?

Your laptop contains lots of precious data such as bank accounts, credit card details, and passwords to social media profiles, medical records, and more. A computer thief can use this to steal your identity and even money from your bank account. This is why you should track your stolen laptop.

Furthermore, it’s not easy to replace a stolen laptop because it costs much more than an average mobile phone. What’s worse is that the replacement may not be as good as the one you lost. It may have less storage space, fewer features, and so on. This is why you must try to find your stolen laptop if possible.

Can you track a stolen laptop with its serial number?

Yes, you can track a stolen laptop with its serial number. The manufacturer’s database can be queried using the serial number to see if the laptop has been reported as stolen. However, this is unlikely to be enough to recover the laptop or have a criminal prosecution filed against the thief.

Can we find Mac Laptop by using Mac Address?

Mac Address is a unique identifier that is assigned to every Mac. It can be found by going to System Preferences > Network and clicking on the Ethernet tab.

The answer is yes, and no, the Mac Address cannot be used as a way of finding a lost or stolen laptop. This is because it doesn’t have any identifying information about the owner or device. If a thief uses your laptop on the same LAN that you do, locating it using the machine’s MAC address is possible.

Can we find a laptop with IMEI number?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a 15-digit number unique to every phone and another mobile device, and it can be found on the device’s label. The IMEI number can be used to identify the device if it has been stolen or lost, and it can also be used to block the device from being used with certain carriers.

The IMEI number cannot be changed. The only way to change the IMEI number is by replacing hardware components or by resetting the mobile device’s software back to its factory settings.

In addition, if your device supports 3G or 4G, it’s possible to track the thief’s IP within a specific area if the thief keeps the data alive. So, that’s important to keep in mind, therefore don’t forget it.

What things you must do if your laptop is stolen or lost?

This is an entirely different question from the one you asked before. You are not asking how to steal drugs, but how to investigate and track someone who stole your laptop. You don’t need a drug dealer for this; any thief will do.

If it was not encrypted (for example, if you were on Windows), then the thief can access any data on it. This includes data from the hard drive and any services you used to store data on the cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.).

You should change all your passwords immediately, especially all online accounts.

You should contact your bank and inform them that your card may have been stolen (you can also cancel it; I don’t know what Venezuela’s policy on this is).

If you have insurance, you can contact them and tell them to deactivate the device so that no one can use it.

Use antivirus software to scan all of your other computers for viruses or spyware that might have been planted by whoever stole your laptop.

Different ways to find your Stolen Window & Mac Laptop

Losing a window or Mac laptop is every homeowner’s and business owner’s nightmare. It causes anxiety, concern, and stress. We do not know what to do next. In this article Section, you will find different ideas on how to find your stolen window or mac laptop.

  1. How to track a stolen laptop with serial number?
  2. How to track a stolen laptop with MAC address?
  3. How to track a stolen laptop without internet connection?
  4. How to track a stolen laptop with IMEI number?
  5. How to track a stolen laptop by using GPS?
  6. How to track a stolen laptop with Gmail?
  7. How to track a stolen laptop by using Dropbox?
  8. How to track a stolen laptop by using Outlook?
  9. How to track a stolen laptop with Facebook? 

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Full Breakdown

1) How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Serial Number? 

  1. Find the serial number on the laptop.
  2. Get the key code from the laptop.
  3. Open a serial number tracking account and wait for it to be activated by the police department.
  4. Enter the key code into the serial number tracking account and wait for it to show up on your screen.
  5. Call them up and ask them where they suspect your laptop might be located, then report it as stolen to them!

2) How To Track A Stolen Laptop With MAC Address?

Many people have been asking me this question, so I decided to write an on how to track a stolen laptop with your MAC address. This will come in handy if your laptop gets stolen or lost.

To do this, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, since your laptop has been stolen, you would have to use someone else’s laptop to check the IP address of your stolen laptop. So borrow somebody’s laptop or get access to one.
  2. Download Mactracker for or Mac from any trusted site. It’s free! It will give you detailed information about any Apple product ever created, including processor speed, memory, optical drives, graphic cards, supported OS versions, and expansion options.
  3. Once installed, open Mactracker and select Network from the left pane as shown in the screenshot below:
  4. Then open Terminal (Mac) and type ping followed by your stolen laptop’s IP address and then press enter, now all the data under your eyes.

3) How To Track A Stolen Laptop Without Internet Connection?

A laptop is taken from you, and it is not connected to the Internet. All you have is the serial number. How do you track it?

Serial number:- The laptop’s serial number can be found on the bottom of the laptop (usually written in white). If a person stole a laptop, they would never want to draw attention by advertising that they stole a laptop. Hence, they might cover the serial number with something else (like stickers). However, some people may be stupid enough that they wouldn’t even do this. (This method we have explained above, so go with this.)

Stickers:- This will depend on how many stickers you put on your laptop. If you have put a lot of stickers on your laptop (e.g., your school’s logo), then it won’t be easy for someone to remove all those stickers without damaging them in some way; therefore, you can this.

4) How To Track A Stolen Laptop With IMEI Number?

If you have a laptop that gets stolen, it’s important to know how to track it down.

The easiest way is to have the IMEI number saved in your phone, so that when you see the computer, you can immediately report it stolen.

Here’s how:

  1. First, open up your phone and go to Settings > About Phone > Find IMEI (or something similar). This will take you to the appropriate screen where you can enter the IMEI number.
  2. Now press back on your phone until you return to the main screen, then tap “Report This Device as Lost/Stolen.” This will send an automatic email with details about your device being reported as missing/stolen.

5) How To Track A Stolen Laptop Using GPS?

If you have a laptop, an iPad, or other electronic device that has been stolen, you can use it to track its location. This is called “locating” the device, and it’s a useful way to find out if your laptop was stolen.

You don’t need any special equipment or software to do this—just follow these steps:

1) Install the GPS app on your phone.

2) Turn on the GPS on your phone and start tracking your device.

3) When you find it, make sure you tell the police!

6) How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Gmail?

  1. Go to Gmail’s homepage, click on the “settings” tab and then click on “accounts and Import.”
  2. In the box that appears, type your full name, email address, and password.
  3. Click on “import” to begin importing your data from Google Drive into Gmail.
  4. Once the import has finished, go back to the main page of Gmail by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the window and then selecting “settings.” You will see an option for “Import” or “Export.” Select “Import.” This will bring up a new window with a list of all your imported emails from Google Drive into Gmail sorted by date range so you can easily find them by time period if needed.

7) How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Dropbox?

Step 1: Open Dropbox and Sign in

Open Dropbox and sign in to your account. You will see a new tab appear on the left-hand side of the page, which is where you can access your files.

Step 2: Create a New Folder

In the search bar at the top of the page, type in “Track a Laptop.” This will give you the option to create a new folder for tracking your laptop.

Step 3: Insert an SD Card into Your Laptop’s SD Card Slot

Insert an SD card into your laptop’s SD card slot so that it can be used as part of the tracking process. The SD card must have enough storage space for all of your data, so make sure that it has at least 4GB of space available.

Step 4: Log into Dropbox with Your Computer’s IP Address (Optional)

If you want to log into Dropbox using this computer’s IP address instead of your username and password, choose “Connect from IP” from the menu options on the left-hand side of your screen and enter this computer’s IP address into the text box provided below it.

8) How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Outlook?

Step 1:

First, you have to open Outlook. Then go to the left menu bar and select “Tools” then “Folder Options”.

Step 2:

Now, select the “View tab” from the left pane of the screen.

Step 3:

Then select the “Show hidden files and folders” option by clicking on it with your mouse pointer. This will bring up a window showing all the hidden files and folders in your computer system.

Step 4:

Now click on Tools > Folder Options > View Tab > Hidden Files and Folders > Show hidden files, folders or drives tab > Change Permissions option > Apply button > OK button to apply these changes in your system.

9) How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Facebook?

Step 1: Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone and tap the three-line icon at the top right

Step 2: Tap “Settings” and then “Help”

Step 3: Tap “Report a problem”

Step 4: Tap “Report a missing item”

Step 5: Fill out the form with information about the laptop, including its make, model, and color. You can also include a photo of it if you have one.

Step 6: Wait for Facebook to send you an email with instructions on how to submit your report.

What are the additional things you can do to ensure your laptop safety?

By taking a few simple steps, you can help protect your laptop from theft or loss.

First, invest in a laptop lock. Some laptops have security slots, so you can buy a lock that works with the space. Suppose your laptop doesn’t have a security slot. In that case, you can either buy a cable lock that works with your laptop’s existing features (such as the Kensington Universal Security Slot ) or get an add-on security slot (such as the Kensington Nano Security Slot ).

While at home or work, keep your computer in a secure location when not in use.

When traveling with your computer, always carry it with you. Never leave it unattended, even for a minute.

If you must leave your computer unattended, such as in a hotel room while on business travel, remove the battery and memory card and place them in the hotel safe along with any other valuables you are carrying.

When traveling by car, keep the laptop out of sight. Leaving it visible on the back seat is an invitation to smash-and-grab thieves.

What happens in case of stolen laptop is factory resented?

If you are referring to a case of a stolen laptop, and the user resets it to factory settings, then:

The files, programs, and data (which are not backed up) will be lost.
The OS will be reinstalled.

In some cases, the user needs to enter the product key for the OS.
If you are referring to a case of a stolen laptop that is bought by someone else, and they reset it to factory settings:

All the user’s files, programs, and data will be lost.

The new owner’s data/files/programs will also be wiped out.

Q1. Can a brand new laptop be traced?

Yes. With a brand new laptop, you could make it as hard to trace as possible, but it is still possible. Laptops are required to have hardware that can be used for tracing. It is not mandatory, but if you buy a laptop from a manufacturer that knows how to use the hardware (and they all do), they will trace your laptop.

It depends on how much effort you put into making it untraceable. You would have to replace the network card’s MAC address, replace the battery and power supply with generic ones with no serial numbers (these may be hard to find), and possibly even replace the mainboard or CPU, depending on whether they have unique serial numbers that can be read remotely.

Even then, your laptop will still have an IMEI number which can be used for tracking if you use a mobile data connection. If you buy an LTE modem or MiFi device, this could also be tracked.

In summary, yes, it can be traced – but only if someone wants to track it down. Even then, it would require some serious effort and resources.

Q2. Is it possible to track a stolen laptop?

It is possible to track a stolen laptop, and there’s more than one way to do it.

One option is using the built-in GPS feature of your laptop, but only if it has one. Most laptops have a Wi-Fi chip that sends out a unique identifier called a MAC address, which can track the device down. If you’re lucky enough to have a laptop with Intel vPro, that means it has a built-in cellular modem and will be able to send its location back to you even when Wi-Fi or Ethernet isn’t available.

You can also use a service like Prey or Hidden (formerly Undercover). These services are essentially security suites that run in the background on your laptop and help protect against theft. They’ll track your device, take pictures of the thief with the webcam and even remotely lock down the computer, so it’s useless until you recover it.

Q3. Can police track stolen laptops?

The bad news is: Your laptop is probably gone for good. According to an FBI report, only 3 percent of stolen computers are recovered.

The good news is: You’re not out of options.

Here are some steps you can take to improve your chances of protecting your data and finding your laptop. Just follow the steps mentioned above.

Q4. What do thieves do with stolen laptops?

Of course, the first thing thieves do with stolen laptops is sold them. The laptop might end up being sold in a pawn shop, on Craigslist or eBay, or some street corner. However, most thieves will try to sell the laptop for as high a price as they can get.

There are two main ways that thieves get caught with stolen laptops. Either they try to sell the laptop to someone who has been watching for ads for their lost computer, or they try and register the computer online and get caught by the manufacturer’s anti-theft system. In both cases, the thief probably won’t be noticed unless someone looks for that particular computer.

Q5. What happens if you buy a stolen laptop?

You just bought a laptop, and it turned out to be stolen. What do you do?

The answer: It depends.

You’re probably not going to get arrested, but you may have to surrender the computer. The best-case scenario is that you can work with the police to help return the laptop to its rightful owner. In some rare cases, you might even be able to keep the laptop.

The worst-case scenario is that you lose the laptop and get stuck with a hefty bill for something you didn’t buy in the first place.

You should know that if you did knowingly buy a stolen laptop — maybe it seemed like a great deal at the time, or someone was trying to sell it quickly — then you could face criminal charges for receiving stolen property.

Q6. How to track a stolen hp laptop with serial number? 

If you want to track the location of your HP laptop with the serial number, then here’s how you can do it.

Step 1:

Open a web browser and type in the address bar. After that, click on the Go button and press Enter.

Step 2:

Now, you have to create a GetMyLaptopBack account. This account is required to identify your laptop by HP serial number. Once done, log in to your GetMyLaptopBack account.

Step 3:

After logging in, you will see the ‘I Lost My Laptop’ option. Click on that and enter the details like the name of your laptop, serial number of your HP laptop, etc. After that, click on the ‘Add Device’ button. That’s it! You have successfully registered your laptop in the GetMyLaptopBack database, and now anyone can find your lost/stolen laptop with HP serial number easily.

Q7. How to track a stolen acer laptop with serial number?

If you are unfortunate enough to have had your Acer laptop stolen, then at least you can take some comfort in the fact that there are ways to track your laptop.

The key to tracking your laptop is the serial number. You can use the serial number to trace the ownership and location of your Acer computer.

For example, if you bought it second-hand and it was stolen, you will trace its whereabouts through the serial number. When you buy a computer from a store, its serial number is recorded by the manufacturer and seller. When an object with a serial number goes missing, its owner can report it as stolen and provide the serial number to police, who will then be able to trace it once it changes hands again.

However, if it were bought brand new, you wouldn’t get much information from the serial code other than what country it was made in initially. But you can use tools like PreyProject, which can help trace your laptop’s location through its server connection.

Another option is to use a device like GadgetTrak, which uses Wi-Fi signals to track your laptop’s location. These devices installed on your computer are linked to their web server and are remotely activated if they detect Wi-Fi signals.

Q8. How to track a asus preditor stolen laptop with serial number?

If you have an Asus Predator laptop and it was stolen, your first hope is that you have installed some software to help you track and locate it.

If not, then you’ll need to take steps to ensure that anything of value on your computer is either locked out or destroyed.

You can do this by logging into your Asus account and deleting the device from your account. This will prevent anyone from logging into your computer with your login credentials.

We recommend installing Prey Project on all of your mobile devices. It allows you to lock down and shut off devices if stolen remotely. You can also use the camera to see who might be using the computer if the police can get involved.

Q9. Can you track a stolen laptop with windows serial number?

Yes, you can track a stolen laptop with windows serial number. The laptop has its unique ID, so you can track it down using this unique ID. This individual ID is called Serial Number. This serial number is generated automatically when installing a fresh copy of windows. This serial number is also called Service Tag. Sometimes, you may find this Serial Number on the sticker on the bottom of your laptop.

Q10. How to track a stolen lenovo laptop with serial number?

It depends on whether you have installed any spyware on your Windows or not. If not, I would recommend you use the ‘Suspicious Activity Report’ (SAR) program. You can run this software on your computer.

It would collect all the information regarding the activities on your computer and then submit it to a server so that you can analyze it later and find out whether someone had been using your computer after stealing it.

Q11. Can a laptop be tracked after factory reset?

Yes, of course, a laptop can be tracked after a factory reset. There is no way of removing the traces of your digital footprint. The laptop will remain under the tracking radar whenever you log into it. The only way to stop this tracking is not to use the laptop.

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Summing it UP!

Hopefully, we can now all rest easy knowing the location of our stolen laptops. If computer theft is a concern for you or your business, it may be worthwhile to have multiple serial numbers etched into various components of your computer. If that’s not possible, there are still some relatively simple solutions available to you if you get braver in “initiating” the tracking process.

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