Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play

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We all know how quirky and the Roblox world is, with its blocky characters and light hearted games. But you will soon realize that not everything is funny and light-hearted in the massive gaming platform. For those who are into spooky-themed games, there are many thrilling and scary Roblox games to try out.

You may have come across many pages on the internet giving scary Roblox games suggestions. But many of them fail to narrow it down to a Top Ten. So, we present you the Top 10 trending scary Roblox games for you to enjoy getting spooked!

But let us first see what types of games can we put into the scary Roblox games category:

  • Game with classic horror references
  • With spooky music and design
  • Survival/escape themes
  • Adrenaline-pumping gameplay
  • Games that involve jump-scares
  • Scary beings or characters

Apart from these factors, we have also considered several other aspects while coming up with our list of top scary Roblox games. This includes the reception among users while playing the titles under the horror category.

Now, without any further ado, let’s jump into the Top Ten scary Roblox games!

Top Ten Scary Roblox Games (Updated list)

1). Infectious Smile

Scary Roblox Games - Infectious Smile
Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play 13

In the last couple of years, we have all come across the horrors of a pandemic in real life. We know how spooky and unsettling infections can be. You will agree with is on this-, Infectious Smile is probably the best among scary Roblox games and is an absolute masterpiece. You are supposed to resist an infection spread in this game. If you fail at it, more and more characters around you will be infected with a smiling face and become hostile. The overall feel of Infectious Smile and its unique gameplay makes it an iconic title in our list of scary Roblox games.

2). Breaking Point

Scary Roblox Games - Breaking Point
Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play 14

Are you ready to get utterly unsettled and scared? If you are (only if you are), try out Breaking Point! It is an extremely popular one among the scary Roblox games and VR games offers an extremely frightening and thrilling experience. You might think it is outdated or old. But its gameplay and experience cannot be beaten by any other title anytime soon. You will be selected at random are assigned to kill another player and vice versa in this game. Do try it out if you have the guts for it!

3). 3008

Scary Roblox Games - 3008
Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play 15

Most would put 3008 on the top of a scary Roblox games list. Honestly, we cannot see a reason to disagree with them Because this widely popular horror game is one of a kind. In this game, you will have to live one of the worst nightmares you could ever have- you will be stuck inside an infinite IKEA! We’re not finished, you will have to complete several tasks in the dark, to finish the game. Moreover, this game allows you to create completely new areas out of the things you gather.

4). Apeirophobia

Scary Roblox Games - Apeirophobia
Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play 16

Know what Apeirophobia means? You may find the word strange, but the fear may not be all that strange to you. Apeirophobia is the ‘fear of infinity. Yes, this spooky game in our list of scary Roblox games is about infinity and the fear triggered by it. In this game, you and your fellow teammates are supposed to escape rooms. But as you attempt to escape, you will find several creepy monsters and jump-scares that can drain your confidence. If you are easily spooked, this game is probably not for you. That said, Apeirophobia is one of the scary Roblox games that are worth trying.

5). Doors

Scary Roblox Games - Doors
Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play 17

Doors is a sensational game in Roblox. You have to ask, what is not there in this game? It has continuous challenges, puzzles, and spooky elements to enjoy with your buddies. To be honest, Doors is probably one of the best-designed scary Roblox games we have ever come across. For the same reason, we don’t want to kill all the surprises in this game. Because, you will find it perfectly matching for this season of spook!

6). The Mimic

Scary Roblox Games - The Mimic
Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play 18

You may say that scary Roblox games cannot be realistic. But we say otherwise; because we have played The Mimic. The Mimic is a classic among the scary Roblox games and involves the best jump scares you will probably ever come across. In this game, you can build your teamwork as well, because here, survival depends on how well you can take care of each other (Make sure you put on your headphones and dim the light to fully enjoy the horror!).

7). Break In

Scary Roblox Games - Break In
Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play 19

Many gamers like having great storylines in their game. It can induce real emotions quickly and keep you engaged. Break In is one of the story-driven scary Roblox games in which you are shifting to your new house! You can be either an adult or a kid and the game become difficult accordingly. You will find Break In extremely scary because how fast things change in the game from happy to spooky. Also, your friends and experience how a spooky house feels in real time!

8). Spider

Scary Roblox Games - Spider
Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play 20

If you fear spiders, we suggest you not play this game. Spider might seem like a simple one in our scary Roblox games list. But given how big the spider in it is and how spooked people can be with spiders, we cannot resist including this. If outrunning giant spiders is your thing, go ahead and try out one of the most terrifying scary Roblox games. That said, it can be scary but if you’re not alone, it can turn out to be fun and lighthearted.

9). Panik

Scary Roblox Games - Panik
Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play 21

Panik is a gem among the scary Roblox games. It is primarily an escape game, where you should collect as many useful products from a supermarket as you try to get away from an evil robot. This game is large and involves unique and engaging options. Its music, overall design, and panic itself can haunt you for days and therefore we have included it in our list of scary Roblox games.

10). Piggy

Scary Roblox Games - Piggy
Top 10 Scary Roblox Games You Must Play 22

Piggy is a memorable and iconic title in our list of scary Roblox games. This game might seem so simple but you will soon realize its brilliance. You are supposed to escape from a Piggy hold within the given time. Even if you manage to get away, the Pig will always chase you. You will enjoy this one playing with friends! It is one of the must-play scary Roblox games if you are a fan of escape games.


What is the #1 scariest game on Roblox?

Infectious Smile is one of the spookiest titles in our list of Scary Roblox Games. In this game, the characters get infected by a strange disease and start constantly smiling while becoming increasingly hostile. The idea of spreading disease and making everyone hostile while smiling can stay in memory forever.
However, many users claim other SCP-inspired games to be the scariest. But this depends on what scares you and what does not.

What are the bloodiest games on Roblox?

According to, ‘Doors’ and ‘Evade’ are currently the bloodiest games on Roblox. Shooting games such as ‘Rolling Thunder PVE’ also rank high for bloodiness in it. Since Roblox is a kid-friendly gaming platform, it will not have gore or bloody elements beyond a level of intensity.

Does Roblox have 18+?

You will not come across any 18+ content on Roblox. Roblox is a gaming platform that primarily focuses on maintaining its G-PG rating. So, there will be no games or content that are rated above PG-13. It is a platform designed for children and teens and involves games suitable for such age groups.

Is SCP scary?

SCP (Secure, Contain, and Protect) is a genre of game that involve survival and horror elements. There are quite a few SCP titles on Roblox and they can give you scary experiences. Some of the good SCP games on Roblox are:
SCP Games and SCP Monsters
SCP: Roleplay
SCP: Site Roleplay
SCP – 173
Area 47: SCP RP
GOC DAGGER: SCP Monsters Roleplay
SCP-096 Demonstration

End note:

You may think horror cannot be achieved with block characters. But these scary Roblox games will prove you wrong! If you are ready to get spooked for real and test your courage, do check these amazing games out!

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