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Last Updated on August 11, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Resetter Epson L385 is Adjustment Program to Reset Waste ink pad counter for Epson L385. L385 is popular printer, used by Personal also used by organizations. Resetter Epson L385 like another resetter for Epson printer. It needs to extract before being used to reset.

To reset Epson L385 you can extract, and please disable all of your antivirus include Windows Defender (Realtime Protection). If you extract before you disable antivirus maybe your resetter files removed by your antivirus, you need to extract again.

Here simple tutorials how to use Epson L385 resetter:

If resetter file adjprog.exe can’t be open, follow instruction:

  1. Delete folder resetter Epson L385
  2. Re-extract file resetter Epson
  3. Change date to August 01, 2017.
  4. Open Adjprog.exe and show Registration Key windows.
  5. Copy LicenseID (dont close Registration Key windows).
  6. Open keygen file, enter name and License ID.
  7. Press New Key and copy key to Registration Key windows.

Developer: Nosware Inc.

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