Epson L485 Resetter

Last Updated on August 11, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Epson L485 Resetter is program used to waste ink pad counter for Epson L485 printer. We know that after few used, Epson printer like L485 need to be reset with resetter. In here we provide resetter for Epson L485 for free with full instructions.

Before you use Epson L485 Resetter you must read the instructions in Readme document. Epson L485 printer comes with scanner also, so it’s unfortunate if we can’t use it cause need to be reset. You can download Epson L485 Resetter for free below.

How to Reset:

If adjprog can’t be open, follow instruction:

Disable all Antivirus First. Include Windows Defender (Realtime Protection).

  1. Delete folder Epson L485.
  2. Re-extract file resetter Epson
  3. Change date to August 01, 2017
  4. Open Adjprog and show Registration Key windows.
  5. Copy LicenseID (dont close Registration Key windows)
  6. Open keygen file, enter name and LicenseID
  7. Press New Key and copy key to Registration Key windows

Developer: Nosware Inc.

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