How to Screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing?

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One of the main reasons that make Snapchat a favorite among all the messaging platforms is its privacy features. The highlight of Snapchat is its disappearing message feature, which allows you to send Snaps or disappearing messages that can only be viewed once. However, many of you would have wondered while chatting with someone- How to screenshot a Snap without them knowing? 

No worries, we will answer all your questions in this article!

What are Snaps?

What makes Snapchat a favorite is its disappearing messages called ‘Snaps’. Snaps allow you to send messages with pictures or text that can only be viewed for a limited time. This primary feature of Snapchat helps you keep messages safe and private to avoid potential blackmail or similar malpractices.

The disappearing message feature is available in other messaging platforms now, but it was initially introduced in Snapchat. Hence, Snapchat’s view-once messaging feature lets you feel safe and secure while freely engaging in messaging.

Another important element that makes Snapchat popular is its assemblage of innovative filters. Most Snapchat filters have garnered wide acclaim and popularity, particularly among youngsters. These unique features and engaging interface make Snapchat highly appealing and useful at the same time.

Situations that would require you to screenshot a Snap:

As we mentioned earlier, the disappearing messages or Snaps on Snapchat are what make many of us use it in the first place. However, in these times of growing internet abuse, this feature can also be used with the wrong motives. Such situations may demand you to take a screenshot of a Snap. Some such situations include:

– When you receive unsolicited images or harmful texts.

– When someone sends you hurtful or derogatory snaps.

– A situation where someone threatens you or someone.

– If you need to save a snap as evidence or proof.

Apart from these, there can be several other reasons that could make you want to learn how to screenshot a snap without them knowing. And of course, there are a few loopholes that allow you to save or screenshot a Snap.

That said, let us get into the important question- what really happens when you screenshot on Snapchat? 

What happens when you screenshot a Snap?

Many things can get confusing when it comes to texting on Snapchat. The disappearing messages can only be viewed once, but you can still screenshot them. But before we get into that, it is important to understand what really happens when you screenshot a Snap.

Here is what happens when a Snap gets screenshotted:

  • When you screenshot a user’s message or content, Snapchat notifies them immediately.
  • If you screenshot someone’s video or photo, Snapchat will insert a message saying “You took a screenshot!”. And, if you screenshot a chat, a screenshot icon will appear in the viewer’s section of the content.
  • In essence, Snapchat gives high priority to not allowing its users to take screenshots of text or multimedia messages.
  • However, like every security feature, there are some loopholes in Snapchat’s disappearing message feature, that lets you surpass it.

It is important to question your own intentions while screenshotting a private message sent to you. If it does not involve causing any harm and is to be done for your own safety and necessity, follow our guide.

Screenshotting a Snapchat message can allow you to keep evidence against people that ill-treat you or someone. Hence, keep our methods in your mind if you are an avid Snapchat user.

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How to screenshot a snap without them knowing?

Taking a Screenshot of a Snap without the knowledge of the other party can be tricky. Photo and video screenshots will notify the sender that you took a screenshot of their Snap. Whereas, if you take a screenshot of their story, a screenshot icon will be displayed in their viewer’s section.

However, let us remind you again to not misuse or indulge in unlawful practices with these methods.

Now, let us cut to the chase- How to screenshot a snap without them knowing?

Method 1: Use a different device to take a Screenshot on Snapchat.

If you are wondering how to screenshot a snap without them knowing, this is probably the easiest method: use a different phone, camera, or iPad to take a shot of the Snap.

In case you are not satisfied with the image quality, you can also mirror your Snapchat screen to a different display. This will let you take a higher-quality screenshot of the Snap screen.

Method 2: Turn on the Airplane Mode to take a screenshot.

If you are looking to screenshot a Snapchat image, then this is a perfect way:

  1. After opening the Snapchat app, do not click the “New Snap!” option. 
  2. Before you open the Snap that you want to screenshot, turn on Airplane Mode.
  3. Afterward, open the Snap and then screenshot it.
  4. Now, to avoid the other user knowing that you took a screenshot of their snap, clear the Cache files (Settings-> Clear Cache-> Clear All).
  5. Turn off the Airplane Mode, so that you can return to snapping as usual.

Method 3: Take a screenshot with Google Assistant.

Here’s how to screenshot a snap without them knowing, on an Android device with Google Assistant:

  1. Open Snapchat and the Snap that you want to screenshot.
  2. Trigger the Google Assistant by saying “OK, Google” or by long-pressing the phone’s home button.
  3. Then, by using a voice command or typing, ask Google Assistant to take a screenshot.
  4. Afterward, make sure that you share your screenshot to email or other services so that you won’t lose it.

Method 4: With QuickTime on Mac OS.

This particular method only works for MacBook or iPhone users as it is done using the QuickTime feature in the Mac OS.

The following steps will show you how to screenshot a snap without them knowing, using QuickTime:

  1. Using the lightning cable connect your iPhone to the MacBook.
  2. Open the QuickTime Player application.
  3. Then, select “New Movie Recording” inside the “File” option.
  4. After it loads, place your mouse pointer on the “Recording” button and click the small arrow.
  5. This will show you a lot of recording options.
  6. From those options, select your connected iPhone as “Movie Recording Input”.
  7. Now, Snapchat can be mirrored on the Mac screen. This will allow you to record the screen and thus capture the required Snap.

Method 5: Take a screenshot of the Snapchat app in the Background.

Even if this is the last method on our list, it is probably the easiest one. It shows you how to screenshot a snap without them knowing, in the simplest way. Also, it does not require a different device or app.

Here’s how to screenshot a snap without them knowing this method:

  1. Open Snapchat and clear the rest of the recent background applications on your device.
  2. Then, open the text or image on Snapchat that you want to screenshot without them knowing.
  3. Immediately, open the multitasking or the Recent Apps interface. Also, keep in mind that the Snapchat app is entirely displayed on the screen, with no other background app.
  4. Now, take a screenshot and the other person will not be notified.
  5. In the end, you can crop and save the Snap from the screenshot.

Here’s why we do not endorse taking screenshots on Snapchat:

As we discussed in the beginning, the disappearing message and 24 hours story are core features of Snapchat. These features ensure our privacy and allow us to chat and send snaps freely without worrying about our safety.

Hence, it is not ethical to screenshot a snap without someone’s knowledge. It can be considered a breach of their privacy and trust.

Hope this article has answered your question about how to screenshot a snap without them knowing. Wish you a fun and safe snap!


Can you screenshot Snapchat without them knowing?

Yes, you can. There are a few tricks and hacks that you can use to screenshot on Snapchat.
We have given them above in detail. However, you should not take advantage of these tricks and compromise the privacy provided by the disappearing chats.

Can you screenshot half swipe?

If you take a screenshot of a Snap, the sender will receive a notification saying that you took the screenshot. Hence, you can take it from the multi-task menu where you can see the Snapchat app window.
However, you cannot use the half-swipe feature on Snapchat so you may have to stick to normal messaging.

How do you screenshot a Snapchat without them knowing on IOS?

There are a few ways you can take screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing on your iPhone. One of the popular ways is to take a screenshot after you screen-share on a different device.
Another method involves taking a screenshot from the multiple apps screen where you multi-task from.
You can also try out this method:
1. Open Snapchat on your iOS device.
2. Turn on airplane mode.
3. Right after, you have to take a screenshot.
4. Immediately, restart your device.
5. Turn off airplane mode.
This lets you take screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing on iOS.

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