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This article introduces a new way of playing online games for children in the age group 3 to 9. With Google memory game on Santa tracker by Google, parents can give their child hesitation-free screen time. Google memory game is not only entertaining but also helps children develop thinking skills, concentration, and build persistence.


Kids these days spend a lot of time in front of the screen and the biggest reason for this is online gaming. Online gaming has gained immense popularity among kids and adults and it has made a huge jump during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am not denying the benefits of online gaming but too much screen time can be harmful to health, especially for children in the age group 3 to 5 years. In this article, I am going to introduce a new way of playing online games which is the Google memory game on Santa tracker by Google. This is not only entertaining but also helps your child develop thinking skills, concentration, and build persistence.

What is Google memory game?

Google memory games home page

This Christmas season Santa tracker by Google has come up with this new concept of playing online games. It has a Charismatic concept of Santa’s village with all the animated characters in it. People of every age can enjoy educational and interactive activities without paying a single penny. It can be played on smartphones or tablets free of cost.

How to play the Google memory game with Santa tracker by Google?

Santa tracker by google home screen

The basic concept of the Google memory game is On December 24th the entire Santa’s village transforms into a tracking experience. Santa and his reindeer deliver to kids around the world. The players need to follow Santa and his reindeer to find those presents.

But what to do now? In order to celebrate your Christmas from now itself, Google memory game have introduced different games to play online. These games are excellent and will help you develop excellent skills and experiment with your current skills.

It has different sections in it which are Code, Celebrate, Create, Family time, Assistant, Tips, and tricks. Each section has a few interesting games to play.


Code in google memory games

The code section has two coding games which will help you develop some coding skills. The two games are Code Lab and Code Boogie.


Celebrate in google memory games

Celebrate has 4 different activities which are Holiday traditions, Translations, Map quiz, and Holiday traditions quiz. Each game has a different concept and will give you chance to learn something new and exciting. With the help of games and quizzes galore, you can learn how to world celebrate the seasons.


Create section in Santa tracker by google

You can use the create section to show off your creative skills. It has games that let you draw, paint, build, and create something new with your favorite characters.

Family time

Santa tracker by google family time section

Last but not least Family time section contains 4 different family games. It allows the entire family to come together and read interactive storybooks. 


google memory games assistant section

Under the assistant section, you can use Google Assistant to find out more about the Santa clause during December. In addition, children under 13 can also have their own personalized Google Assistant Experience, and parents can control kids’ activities using the Family Link.

More fun from Google memory game

Santa’s tracker by Google doesn’t end here you can have fun all year with these two awesome activities named Your Plan, Your Planet, and Be internet awesome.

Your Plan, Your Planet

Your plan Your planet

Your plan, Your Planet section allows you to learn simple tricks from Google to help people and the planet thrive together.

Be internet awesome

be internet awesome

Be internet awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety to help children explore the online world with confidence.

Santa Tracker by Google and Google memory game

Santa tracker by google

Santa tracker by Google also has some more funny and exciting Google memory games.

Google memory match game extension for your device is also available.

Google memory game extension


Do Google memory games end with the Christmas season?

The answer is no. it has a few other activities for kids to explore and learn more about planet safety and online gaming.

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