MySQL Connector for Visual Studio 2019 Download

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Humera Hallari

Visual Studio 2019 need right versions of MySQL Connector application to to be linked to the MySQL database. You need to download this MySQL application, install both of MySQL Connector and MySQL for Visual Studio, and you can try to add reference MySQL.Data on your project to see your installation was successfully.

This MySQL Connector for Visual Studio 2019 can add reference in your project, also can to be used for Data Binding for your report also for your items like DataGridView. MySQL Connector very important if you’re using MySQL database like in Xampp and Wampp application. Or it will also works if you’re using standalone server like Linux Based Systems, and you install MySQL as Database Server.

After install MySQL Connector and MySQL for Visual Studio 2019, you need to close your project and reopen your project again. This MySQL Connector has been tested on Windows 10 and works perfectly. If you have any questions or requests you can fill up in the form comments. If you need Visual Studio 2019 Offline Installer you can click here.

Developer: MySQL Dev.

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