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GTA SA Lite (Grand Theft Auto-Lite) is a game created by Rockstar Games. This game is released in October 2004, till now still, people playing this game, cause this game to have fun adventures and graphics also with have a great scenario in the mission. Although now GTA V has been released, GTA SA still has many fans in the world, especially people who want to reminisce about past popular games.

Here we provide GTA SA Lite with original OBB files, show this game will represent the original games in Playstation 2 or GTA SA on another platform. We provide this game based on 2 brand GPU in Android, Mali, and Adreno, So you must carefully when downloading and installing the GTA SA Lite app on your Android devices.

Tutorial How to Install GTA SA Lite Apk.

1. Check your Android Smartphone, using Mali or Adreno, and Download Apk files and OBB files correctly based on your Android GPU.
2. After you download Apk and Obb files, please install the Apk files.
3. Extract OBB Files “com. Rockstar games. glass” in Folder Android/OBB, you can extract using the Winrar program that you can download via PlayStore.
4. You’re done, and you can play GTA SA Lite for full now!

Note: If you download a mistake file for your GPU brand, the GTA SA Lite will blank and can’t run, so be careful when downloading the files, check your GPU type first!

For GPU Mali

Developer: Rockstar Games

For GPU Adreno

Developer: Rockstar Games

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