Installing Windows on Android Phone

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera Hallari

Installing windows on an android phone is possible and easy. With this installation, you can use windows and android devices at the same time. 

The Benefit Install Windows on Android 

  1. Windows give you more protection from a hacker, personal theft, and other threats.
  2. Auto backup data for certain games and apps .
  3. Feature to edit or create presentations, videos, spreadsheets, and data logs anytime for a lifetime. 
  4. Regular updates from Micorosoft.
  5. It is cheaper than Android as even with the affordable windows-10 smartphone and has the same software features as the premium does. They are only different types of computer hardware. 

With the benefit above, installing Windows for Android phones allows users to use their devices powerfully. However, the install process can lead to risks. Therefore it is important to have a high-quality Android device before you install windows. If the Android device is old and slow windows probably risking it by shutting down the device and unable to turn it on again. It happens when a higher version of OS is added to the lower android device. Both android and windows are different types of computer hardware environments. So you should ensure the phone is compatible with the windows driver. 

Step to Install Windows for Android Phone 

To install windows on an android phone you will need software. JPCSIM is software that will help you in running windows for Android phones. To install JPCSIM, go to Google Play Store and click to install. When the installation finishes, click open. Tap Yes when the screen prompt appears to install windows. Tap on the screen to continue the process. When the windows -10 screen appears, click Start. 

Install Windows with Limbo Emulator 

The other alternative to installing windows for android phone devices is by using the android emulator, Limbo. You can download the Limbo PC emulator and File manager from the Google Play store. Next, download Windows from the internet. Ensure you download compatible Windows type of computer hardware that Android devices are able to handle. Next, Open File Manager and go to Download. Get Windows and copy to “Current Folder” and go to “SD Cards” and get “Limbo File” After the Windows located in the Limbo folder, close the file manager. Open the Limbo app and click on “Load machine” Create a “New machine” and choose “Hard disk A” and click “Open” Choose the window and tap “OK” After setting and choose the window, scroll up and “tap the play button” The windows then load up and run on an android device. Always backup your data before installing Windows on an android phone to avoid corrupt or losing data permanently. 

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