Install HP Printer on Mac

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Do you know how to install an HP printer on Mac? As you know that there are many brands or types of printers. Then, various brands of printers have good quality, including HP printers. HP printers are widely used because they are believed to have good performance and printing results. If you have a printer, especially an HP printer, and want to print from a MacBook, then you have to install the printer driver on the Mac first. Well, if you have known about the components of computer hardware, then, in this article, you will be given a tutorial on how to install and set up HP printers on Mac OS X.

Can you install a printer on a Mac?

Unlike Windows, the OS X or macOS operating system that is already in this Apple computer device is equipped with a printer driver in it. So you can use it right away without having to go through the installation process and printer settings first.

You just need to use your favorite document processing program like Microsoft Word, then immediately use the printer as usual. Connect and plug in the printer with a USB cable, as usual, then the printer will be detected immediately. You can also check in System Preference to see existing and ever-connected printers on your Mac or MacBook. You can also add new printers or delete old printers easily.

How to install an HP printer on a Mac

HP printers, which are generally equipped with a USB connection, are very easy and simple to install. You don’t need to download and to install the printer driver on the Mac manually since it is included in macOS Sierra. Before following how to install a printer on a Mac below, make sure you know the “minimum system requirements” required by the printer you are going to use. After that, follow the steps to install HP printer on mac below.

  • Turn on the printer and plug the USB cable into the Mac.
  • Click the icon of Apple Menu > System Preferences or you can also click directly on System Preferences in the Dock.
  • Select the menu of Printers and Scanners to add a printer on Mac.
  • Next, press the (+) sign to install the printer on Mac then select the printer in the menu of Default and the Name column and the one with Kind USB information.
  • After adding the printer above, it will download the printer driver automatically and wait a few moments for it to appear as shown below.
  • Now, you can print documents from the MacBook after following how to add a printer on the Mac above by pressing the Apple keyboard combination, Command + P.

That’s how to install the printer driver on Mac OS and how to use it to print documents.

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