Component of Computer Hardware

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Have you ever imagined how much component of computer hardware on a computer you use to work every day? A computer is a machine that is programmed to meet with algorithms and arithmetic.  Computer made with hardware and software combination.

What is the hardware on the computer? 

The  hardware device of computer consists of a group of physical components. The entire software is useless without computer hardware implementation as all software is performed in hardware. Computer hardware categorized into four types:

1. Input device. Input devices obtain different data types from various input devices such as keyboards and others. There are many types of input devices for example pointing devices, audio input devices, and more. 

2. Output device. The output device function accepts the processed information and then produces the data in various forms such as video, text, and audio. These outputs can be wireless such as a printer. Other examples of output devices are monitor, GPS, projector, plotter. 

3. Memory/storage device. Memory and storage device function is to store entire data in permanent or temporary.  There are primary storage devices and secondary storage devices. 

4. Processing device. The processing device is an important function of the computer. In this part, transform data into useful information using a processing component. The processing devices examples are GPU, CPU, Micro Processor, motherboard, network card, sound card, and more. 

Installation App for Computer and Phone

Do you know that smartphones and tablets are considered computers?  With the advanced technology, smartphones perhaps significantly become more powerful and faster than the computer or laptop that you carry every day. You can use a smartphone and do things as you do on the computer. You even can print directly from the smartphone.   To print from your smartphone, you need to install the printer driver to your smartphone. Install hp printer on mac from the official website to avoid scam and malware. The computer is also able to install entertainment software such as streaming apps or games.

You can install Kodi on an android phone to stream. Open Play Store and find Kodi in apps. Press installs and waits for the installation process to finish. When the installation ends, go to the interface and fill in the requirement. When your phone is installed with apps, it is important to update the app. Update software means you will be equipped with the new feature they added. The updated version also works for a driver update on the computer. When your computer driver is outdated, your computer will not work correctly. 

There are lots of open-source driver updater you can find on the internet. You can find the free and paid driver updater software. Always consider the brand and reputation before you install updated driver software on the computer. Be aware of the malware injection or personal information collection from the system. 

Whatsapp App for Phone and PC 

Whatsapp is a chatting messenger that is a popular app for Android phones. It gains popularity as it is easy to use. When the smartphone with dual SIM launched, people then have more than 1 number. Is it available to use two Whatsapp on one phone? Officially, the user is not allowed to have 2 Whatsapp accounts on one phone.  Users of Samsung and other smartphones from China are featured with dual Whatsapp accounts in their phone. With this feature, users are allowed to install 2 Whatsapp accounts on one phone. Samsung even has a Dual Messenger feature that enables you to have a Whatsapp account for both numbers. You can have two Whatsapp accounts by a look at Setting>clone Apps.

Fix Issues Meet with Computer 

Creating bootable flash drive windows -10 is easy. The bootable flash drive enables the user to boot the computer from a flash drive rather than from a hard drive. Follow the guide to create a bootable flash drive without reinstalling windows and backup in easy and fast.

Windows users may meet with code error 28 said : no drivers are installed for this device box status. The error code 28 is the device manager error code that can happen for a USB device, sound, or video card. When this message appears, it means that the devices are not installed. When this happens, your computer may freeze or slow the response of the keyboard or mouse. This can lead to a bad impact on computers. The error is a driver problem that can be caused by a missing or corrupted or outdated driver. To fix this error, you can uninstall and reinstall the device driver. If the device error is an outdated device, then update the device driver.

The other issue that appears on the computer is network adapter driver missing. When this happens to your computer, the solution is rebooting the computer and check if the network adapter has been discovered. If it still does not work, then perform clean up the network device. Press the Windows key+R. The RUN window will open and type “cmd” and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter together. The command prompt will appear. Type Netcfg-d command. Restart the computer. The other solution is to show Hidden Device in device manager. Last, you can try to update the network adapter. 

Android users can install Linux for Android devices.  They do not need to root the device for running Linux on an android phone so there are no risks for phone bricking or avoiding warranty.  The User; and app enables users to install Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Debian, and Arch Linux on a device. With Linux installed in Android,  users can do tasks that are unable to do in Android.  The tasks include image editing, app development, and work in a real desktop environment in Android.   However, when the Linux desktop is running, the phone app will be unable to use it.

It is easy  installing Whatsapp on pc without a phone. The first and official way to use Whatsapp on PC is using Whatsapp web. However, it still needs your phone to activate the Whatsapp web to run. The next method is using an android emulator. Android emulators such as Bluestack create apps that allow you to run the android apps on your PC, including Whatsapp. The last method is using third-party software. There is some software that is designed to run Whatsapp on a PC. However, it is not recommended to use this software as it has potential risks to your component of computer hardware.  Here how you can install Whatsapp on PC using a blue stack emulator. 

First, download and install the Bluestacks android emulator on PC.  In BlueStacks, there are lists of apps provided by Bluestacks. In the category, download and install Whatsapp for your PC. Wait for the Whatsapp icon to appear on the computer. The app will prompt you to fill in the phone number to receive the verification code. The verification code will activate Whatsapp on your PC. Before installing any app and software, ensure that components of computer hardware are compatible with the software.

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