How to Fix Pink Screen on Laptop?

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This article will help you do that by explaining what causes this problem and teaching you how to fix pink screen on laptop. It can also work with other screen issues like black or blue screens. Let’s get started!

Pink Screen appears on our laptop when the LCD panel driver malfunctions. It doesn’t mean that the hardware is faulty, so there’s no need to send it back to the manufacturer right away, you can try to fix it by yourself!

Here are the steps as to How to fix Pink Screen on Laptop.

#1: Disconnect All Peripherals

If you ever come across the Pink Screen of Death, take these steps: Power down your PC and disconnect all external devices. The issue might stem from a faulty connection between your computer and one of these peripherals. Examine all cables and ports for physical damage or dust buildup.

Once you’ve ensured the peripherals are fine, reconnect only your mouse, keyboard, and monitor, and then power on the PC. Check if the error recurs. If it doesn’t, the problem likely originated from one of the peripherals, and cleaning and reconnection have likely resolved it. Should the Pink Screen of Death reappear, you might be facing a more significant issue.

#2. Update Graphics Card Drivers

Address the Pink Screen of Death by tackling potential driver issues. Follow these concise steps:

how to update graphic card driver
Graphic card driver update
Graphic card driver download
  • Press Windows Key + X.
  • Select Device Manager.
  • Locate your graphics card under display drivers.
  • Right-click, and choose “Update Driver.”
  • Opt for automatic driver search (preferred setting).
  • Restart your PC to check for resolution.

#3. Try restoring the Previous Version of the Graphics Card Drivers

Should the Pink Screen of Death manifest after installing recent video card drivers, consider uninstalling them. Proceed to manually retrieve the prior driver version from the manufacturer’s official website.

How to Fix laptop Pink Screen
How to restore old version of graphic car driver
How to Fix Pink Screen on Laptop? 17

If the issue vanishes following the installation of the older driver, it becomes evident that the Pink Screen is induced by the updated drivers.

#4. Uninstall newly added programs

Experiencing the Pink Screen of Death post-installation of new programs may signify a software conflict or corrupted files. Resolve this by uninstalling recently added programs:

how to uninstall a program
How to Fix Laptop Pink Screen
Uninstall Apps in windows 8/10/11
  • Utilize the Windows search bar to access the Control Panel.
  • Navigate to “Uninstall a program” under “Programs.”
  • Locate the newly installed program, right-click it, and choose “Uninstall/Change.”
  • Allow Windows to complete the uninstallation process. Repeat these steps for any potentially problematic software causing the Pink Screen of Death.

#5. Update Your Windows

Ensure optimal system performance and issue resolution by keeping your Windows up to date. Here’s how:

How to Fix laptop Pink Screen By Updating windows
Laptop Pink Screen of Death
how to update windows to reset errors
Laptop Pink Screen of death
Laptop Pink Screen of Death
  • Right-click the Start button or use the Windows key + X.
  • Opt for “Settings.”
  • Navigate to “Update & Security.”
  • Choose “Check for Updates.”
  • If an update is available, follow the prompts to download and install it.

#6. Disable Any Overclocking Settings

To address potential overheating issues and prevent the Pink Screen of Death resulting from overclocking, follow these steps:

How to Disable Overclocking settings
Disable Any Overclocking Settings 3 1
Disable Overclocking settings
  • Access Settings and navigate to Update & Security.
  • Choose Recovery from the side menu.
  • Select “Restart Now.”
  • In the Troubleshoot section, opt for Advanced Options.
  • Click on the UEFI Firmware Settings choice.
  • Locate the Restart button at the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Upon restart, the BIOS will open automatically. The precise steps may vary depending on your BIOS version.
  • Generally, look for the Overclocking option within the Advanced tab of the Performance section and disable it.

7. Check the Graphics Card’s Temperature

To prevent the Pink Screen of Death caused by overheating:

How to check Graphic card Temperature
Laptop Pink Screen of death
  • Regular Maintenance: Dust buildup can lead to overheating. Clean your system regularly.
  • Optimal Temperatures: Ensure your GPU stays within ideal temperature ranges.
  • Built-in Check: Task Manager allows you to quickly monitor GPU temperature without third-party tools:
    • Right-click the Start button or use the Windows key + X.
    • Select Task Manager.
    • In the Performance tab, locate your GPU performance monitor. If it’s not visible, click More Details.
    • Here, you can access real-time GPU usage and temperature.

#8. Test Your Monitor on a Different PC and Remove Graphics Card

To diagnose hardware issues causing the Pink Screen of Death:

  • Test Monitor on Another PC: Connect your monitor to a different PC or laptop. If the issue persists, the monitor might be faulty.
  • Check Graphics Card: If the problem doesn’t occur on the second PC, inspect your graphics card. Substitute it with an alternative card or revert to the onboard GPU to see if the error recurs.

#9. Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

To troubleshoot the Pink Screen of Death:

  • Open “msconfig” via Windows Key + R.
  • Choose Selective Startup in the General tab, then Load startup items. Click OK.
  • In the Service tab, hide Microsoft services, disable all displayed services, and click OK.
  • Open Task Manager in the Startup tab.
  • Disable services one by one, restarting after each. Identify the cause and take action.

#10. Take it to the Repair Shop

If none of the suggested solutions work, it’s advisable to consult a professional technician at a repair shop, particularly if there’s a hardware issue. If your device is under warranty, contact the manufacturer or their authorized service center for guidance on repair options.


In conclusion, this article provides a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and addressing the Pink Screen of Death issue on laptops. It covers potential causes and practical solutions, applicable not only to pink screens but also to other screen-related problems. Whether it’s checking hardware connections, updating drivers, or performing system maintenance, these steps empower users to troubleshoot effectively. When all else fails, consulting a professional technician or the manufacturer’s service center is recommended.

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