How to Reset Epson Printer L805

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Resetter Epson L805 is a program used to reset waste ink pad counters that exist on Epson printer type L805. This resetter will be able to handle error problems that arise when the L805 printer is used. Usually printer will bring up a “Service Required” error message even though the Epson L805 printer is also in fine condition.

If we think our Epson L805 printer is still in good condition, we can try to do maintenance independently at home. In addition to saving costs, of course this would be a solution if we at that time really were in need of an Epson L805 printer to use immediately.

Here’s how to use Epson L805 printer resetter

1. You must first disable all antiviruses on your computer. Otherwise the resetter will be considered dangerous and removed by the antivirus so you cannot reset your printer.

2. Once the antivirus is turned off, you can download the resetter for the Epson L805 printer via the following link click here.

3. Then downloaded file can be extracted for example by using WinRar program, by right-clicking > Extract Here.

4. Open the resetter folder, and run file “Adjprog.exe” by double-clicking or right-clicking > Open.

5. After the resetter opens please select “Particular adjustment mode” button located at the bottom right of the program.

6. Then select “Waste ink pad counter” option on the Maintenance list.

7. After opened, tick “Main pad counter” option, then you must click “Check” button, make sure “Main pad counter is still ticked” then click “Initialize” button. If an error occurs you can repeat step at this stage up to several times.

8. After waste ink pad counter is successfully reset, immediately turn off your printer, close the resetter program and turn on your Epson L805 printer later. The printer should be reusable if there are no other problems.

That’s the complete guide on how to use resetter for Epson L805 printers easily and correctly. If you have any questions, you can submit them in the comment section or contact page.

Video How to User Resetter for Epson L805 Printer

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