Free Download Resetter for Epson L222 Printer

Last Updated on August 20, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Resetter for Epson L222 Printer is an adjusment program used to perform maintenance and eliminate error problems with notice “Service required” when used to print documents. The Epson L222 resetter can also be used to reset other printers, up to more than 5 types of Epson printers. For a list of what printers can be reset using this resetter, you can download the resetter and run it.

To reset your Epson L222 printer is pretty easy, here’s a guide

1. Disable all antiviruses first. This is important to do because otherwise resetter file will be considered dangerous and deleted by the antivirus.

2. After that you can download the resetter, the link is below this article.

3. Extract the resetter file by right-clicking > Extract Here. Then open the resetter folder, and run an application named “Adjprog.exe“.

4. Select the “Select” button, where you can select the model name to the Epson L222 printer. Then click “Ok“.

5. Select Particular adjustment mode button > Waste ink pad counter > tick Main pad counter > click Check button > click Initialize button. If error happen repeats the steps in this point.

That’s how to use the resetter Epson L222 printer. Resetter Epson L222 Printer can be downloaded through the following link.

Developer: Nosware

Video How to Reset Epson L222 Printer

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