How to Reset Epson L382/L386/L486

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To Reset an Epson Printer L382/L386/L486 the steps are relatively the same, this is because to reset all three types of printers using the same Software. It’s just that when choosing “Model Name” of course you have to choose according to your printer type, for example if your printer is Epson L386, then when selecting “Model Name” you must choose L386 as the choice.

Here’s a guide to how to reset 3 types of Epson L382/L386/L486 printers

1. Turn off your antivirus first for a while, this must be done so that the resetter file is not deleted. For those of you who use Windows 10, you should also temporarily turn off Windows Defender Real Time Protection.

2. Please download resetter for Epson printer L382/L386/L486 via this link click here.

3. Extract resetter file you have downloaded. Then open the resetter folder, and you can double click on the file “Adjprog-esk.exe“. If it is open, you just need to click “Ok“.

4. Now you click on “Select” button, here you must select the type of printer that match to your printer, e.g. Epson L386 Printer please select “L386“. Select a destination according to the location where your printer was created then click “Ok“.

5. After that you must select “Particular adjustment mode” button, then select “Waste ink pad counter“, tick “Main pad counter” option, click “Check” button, make sure “Main pad counter” is still ticked, click “Initialize” button. Repeat this step in case of an error.

That’s how to reset 3 types of Epson printers namely L382/L386/L486. To reset it is easy but it requires thoroughness. For those of you who prefer a guide in the video format, you can watch the guide below.

Video how to reset Epson L382/L386/L486 Printer

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