How To Find Netherite In Minecraft

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All the gamers know you have to survive in Minecraft world, villagers need food, tools, items, diamonds, survival houses & materials. Netherite in Minecraft is a rare material.

What is Netherite In Minecraft?

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Netherite is the rarest material in the Minecraft world. You can find the netherite in-game area. You need to protect yourself in the Minecraft game. You can create a building in Minecraft. Netherite is the strongest & rarest material in the game that can be used to make powerful weapons and armor. You have to find and collect Netherite in Minecraft to become stronger in-game. The best part is that the netherite doesn’t burn in fire & lava. You can find netherite in the deep dangerous nether dimension.

At first in the game, the Diamond has the most important part but after the Nether update for Minecraft, Netherite is more powerful. And the Strongest Material in the game shifted from Diamond to Netherite. That’s why finding and collecting the Netherite in Minecraft game is important. Will tell you the best way to find and collect some Netherite in Minecraft.

How To Find Netherite In Minecraft?

The latest Material Netherite in Minecraft is available only for the 1.16 update. And you all know you can find it in the deepest depths of the Nether. Unlike diamonds, you can’t find Minecraft netherite in the ground. You have to go to the Ancient Debris.

Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris is a rare ore found in the Nether. You have to find it in the portal of the nether. Ancient Debris is a type of block that can be mined using a Diamond pickaxe. When you enter the nether you need to mine some of the blocks to reach the Y level. You will need a diamond pickaxe to mine. Ancient Debris can’t see on the surface you’ll need to dig down for it. It can be found from y=8 to y=22 mostly it’s found at y=15. Once find Y level, when you get there begin mining as you usually do. And you finished mining ancient debris you can convert into Netherite Scrap.

Ancient Debris
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Where to Find Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris can be found in a specific location in the Nether. Netherite is made by a combination of 4 gold ingots and four Netherite scraps. The difficult part is to find Netherite scraps. The netherite scrap is found during mining in ancient debris or in chests that spawn. another way you can find it is in a chest, treasure chest, or hoglin stable chests in both versions of bedrock and java.

To find Netherite you have to go to the Nether. Then you have to find Ancient Debris by smelting Ancient Debris it will turn into Netherite Scraps. Then you have to combine 4 golden Ingots and four Netherite scraps which will give you Netheite Scraps. You can use these ingots to upgrade your tool and diamonds.

Netherite Ingot
Netherite Ingot
Netherite Scrap
Netherite Scrap

How to Find & Mine Ancient Debris

Now all of us know where we can find Ancient Debris. Now we need to find and mine Netherite in Minecraft.

  • First, Search for a nether portal to travel into the Nether dimension. Then find the nether waste or any other bimos useless you spawn into.
  • Once you find it starts mining till you reach level Y=15.
  • Once you reach level Y=15 ( Netherite Level) you can mine in all directions.

Best Tool For Mining

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The best tool for mining Netherite or Ancient Debris is a Diamond Pickaxe. If you use any other Pickaxe you will destroy the block. And another bonus point is that Netherite gear doesn’t get fire or lava. Netherite is one of the most important parts of the game that players might need to move ahead in the game.

5 Best ways to Find Netherite In Minecraft

  • Strip Mining
  • TNT Mining
  • Bed Mining
  • Bastion Remnant loot
  • End crystal Mining

Strip Mining

This is the most basic way of mining to obtain Netherite. The basic mine strategy is to mine a straight line at 45 angles downwards. The best level to find it is at level Y=12. Create a strip by mining a straight line. You require a Diamond Pickaxe to mine and this is a very effective way of mining to find Netherite in Minecraft. Mining at a lower level is safer due to lower risk.

TNT Mining

TNT is a block that is a Redstone signal. TNT can be broken with any tool but primed TNT cannot be broken. It is very effective mining to find Ancient Debris. To begin TNT mining players should go to level Y=12. This is effective due to the low blast resistance of Netherrack. The difficulty in TNT mining is the players need a larger supply of gunpowder.

Bed Mining

The bed mining method is similar to TNT mining all the details are the same. Beds are a more suitable resource as you can be crafted from wool and wool planks. The beds are as good as TNT. The beds will explode with slightly less than TNT.

Bastion Remnant loot

Bastion Remnants are large like castle structures found in the Nether. They generated four variants with unique structures and a set of loot. This is challenging with a raid on a Bastion Remnant because there is a chance players will find Netherite scraps inside the chests that spawn. And if you are lucky you will directly find a whole Netherite ingot.

End crystal Mining

This is a very expensive method of mining in ancient debris as end crystals need an ender eye and ghast tears to craft. If players have a lot of these items they can use end crystal for mining. An end crystal is both an item and an entity found on the central island of the end. End crystal can always place and shoot them with a bow to clear a larger area fast.


How Do You Get Netherite In Minecraft?

You have to go into the Nether dimension to find Ancient Debris. Once you find ancient debris smelt it into Netherite scraps. Then you need to combine four Netherite scraps and four Diamonds to get Netherite Ingots.

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