Why Does My iPhone Background Go Black on iOS 16?

Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Humera Hallari

Recently all iPhone users have been experiencing problems with their home screen and lock screen wallpaper turning black now and then. In this article, I am going to tell you some reasons why your iPhone background turned black and will also help you some ways to fix the issue.

Apple is known to be the world’s top Gadget manufacturer providing its users with the best possible experience. However, the Release of iOS 16 and subsequent OS releases have not satisfied the users much. Users have addressed a few unexpected issues. One of them is the black-screen iPhone wallpaper. The issue was mentioned on the Apple official discussion website.

Screenshot 420
The screen shows the issue reported on Apple Discussion’s official website.

This issue may occur due to glitches with software updates. Users may face this issue when selecting images directly from the photo app instead of iCloud. Users have also reported that the iPhone background turning back issue occurs only with custom photos and not with in-built wallpapers.

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How to Fix the Phone Background Go Black Issue?

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Restart your Device

Restarting your device is a temporary solution to fix this issue. After restarting the device the original wallpaper is restored. However, the black screen appears again when the phone goes to sleep. So if you are in a hurry just log press the Lock button and Volume down key together to Restart your phone and temporarily fix this issue. You can also restart your device using the settings option.

Just go to Settings >> Scroll down and find General option >> Transfer or Restart iPhone >> Confirm Restart.

To know the permanent solution for this issue continue to read.

Keep your device up to date

Apple often releases software updates to provide users with the best possible service. Just keep your phone up to date and install new iOS updates as soon as it is released. Installing the latest iOS updates automatically fixes the bug and gives you smooth user interference.

Save the Image From the Cloud

Step 1 – Open the image you want to keep as wallpaper.

Step 2 – Now click on the three dots appearing at the bottom- right corner.

step 1

Step 3 – Now look for the download option in the list and click download to save the image in your device.

step 2

Step 4 – Once downloaded you can easily set this image as your wallpaper. This way your wallpaper never disappears and you can overcome the iPhone black screen problem.

Set wallpaper from the Wallpaper setting

The second method is to apply wallpaper from the settings menu. After you have downloaded the photo from iCloud now follow the steps shown below to set your wallpaper.

Step 1 – Open the settings menu and scroll down to find the wallpaper option. Now select Wallpapers.

step 1 1

Step 2 – Now tap “+Add New Wallpaper” to create a new wallpaper.

step 2 1

Step 3 – Select the Photos option to pick wallpaper from the Photos app.

step 3 1

Step 4 – Click on the All button appearing below the search bar.

step 4 1

Step 5 – Select the photo you want to keep as your wallpaper. You can add widgets, change fonts, or crop the photo using pinch zoom if needed.

step 5 1

Step 6 – You have successfully changes your wallpaper.


iPhone wallpaper going black is a widely reported complaint on the Apple support forums. This issue was faced for iOS 16 and Further OS updates. However, the problem was soon solved by the Apple owners. This problem usually happens when you set wallpaper from the photo gallery. To overcome this issue it is recommended to download the image from iCloud or set the wallpaper through iPhone Settings.

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