What Is Yellow Heart On Snapchat💛

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If you are a new user of Snapchat and wondering what is a yellow heart on Snapchat or other Snapchat emojis next to your friend’s name. There are different kinds of emojis on Snapchat that represent different things. Because of these amazing emojis and exciting Poll features, Snapchat is becoming popular with this generation. Snapchat has now introduced SNAPCHAT PLUS.

Yellow Heart On Snapchat

What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat 💛

If you are using snapchat regularly you know about some snapchat emojis that appear in front of your snapchat friend’s name that represent some relationship with your friend. And you all must be thinking what does a yellow heart on snapchat mean? 💛 A yellow heart on snapchat means you are getting the number one position with your friend on snapchat. It’s like a best friend emoji.

If you see a yellow heart on snapchat next to someone’s name it means you guys are besties. You earn this 💛 yellow heart on snapchat by sending most of the snaps to each other and have a good number of snapstreaks. If you become someone’s best friend still send them snaps regularly and had a yellow heart on snapchat for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks that yellow heart on snapchat 💛 turns into a Red heart ❤️. Because of this amazing and attractive feature snapchat is one of the favorite social media with Generation Z. all emojis have meanings.

How Do You Get💛 A Yellow Heart On Snapchat?

If you want to get a 💛 yellow heart on snapchat, You and your friends need to send a lot of snaps regularly. You need to send each other lots of snaps and videos to maintain a snapstreak. if you forget one day your snapstreak will be broken and you need to restart your snap streak.

If you have a long snapstreak then you guys get a yellow heart on snapchat as you are Best Friends. This will take a longer time to be someone’s best friend. If you want a yellow heart on snapchat with your friend it is possible, just make sure you both send each other lots of snaps.

Can You Get 💛 A Yellow Heart On Snapchat With Multiple Users?

No, you can’t get A Yellow Heart On Snapchat With Multiple Users. It is a special emoji for best friends. It takes lots of time and effort to maintain a yellow heart emoji on snapchat. You need to maintain snapstreak for the longest period without even skipping a day. After the longest snapstreak snapchat figures out you both share lots of snaps regularly then only snapchat adds a yellow heart emoji in front of your best friend’s name.

It is difficult to maintain a yellow heart emoji. But it’s easier to get a yellow heart as compared to a red heart❤️ or pink heart 💕 emoji. If you are trying to get a yellow heart with multiple users stop doing that and send snaps to one person you want to be best friends with.


What Is The red Heart Mean On Snapchat?

The red heart ❤️ on Snapchat means you are best friends for more than 2 weeks.

How Long Does It Take To Get 💛 A Yellow Heart On Snapchat?

The yellow heart represents friendship. It means you are best friends with each other on Snapchat. It takes two weeks to get a yellow heart. Yellow heart means you guys are best friends for at least two weeks.

Why Did My Yellow Heart Emoji Vanish On Snapchat?

If you are not sending each other snaps to your best friend. Then snapchat vanish your 💛 yellow heart emoji. You need to maintain streaks with your friend.

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