Visual Studio 2022 Installer Download

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Visual Studio 2022 Installer is the software used to install Visual Studio 2022. As we know Visual Studio 2022 has been officially released to the public. Visual Studio 2022 consists of a Community, Professional, and Enterprise version.

How to Install Visual Studio 2022

First you simply download the installer from Visual Studio 2022 the link below this article. Then you extract, in it there is an installer for Community, Professional, and Enterprise Versions. Select the Visual Studio 2022 version of your desire then double-click on the installer file to start downloading and installing the Visual Studio 2022 package.

With the current installer, you need an internet connection to be able to download and install Visual Studio 2022 perfectly.


The total size of the three Visual Studio 2022 installers is 4.05 MB. Inside there are 3 files namely vs_Community.exe, vs_Enterprise.exe, vs_Professional.exe. You can install any of the versions of Visual Studio 2022 you want.

We recommend that you use Windows 10 or 11 to install Visual Studio 2022, because the windows version below is not necessarily support and may need some modifications. You can download the Visual Studio 2022 installer via the following link.

Developer: Microsoft

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