Resetter Epson L4150 Printer

Last Updated on August 18, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Resetter Epson L4150 is adjustment program to reset waste ink pad counter in Epson L4150 printer. Resetter Epson L4150 like the other types of resetter, it can used when the printer Epson L4150 appearing error messages “Service Required“. After we make sure the hardware of Epson L4150 is still good, we can try used this resetter, so that the error messages will gone after resetting.

To reset Epson L4150 printer, you need to disable all of your antivirus first including Windows Defender Realtime Protection. You can disable for temporary of all your antivirus and Windows Defender. Then you can download and Extract the resetter epson L4150.

To start resetting your Epson L4150 printer, open the resetter folder that you extracted and double click on Adjprrog L4150.exe, and you need to add license key, after that you can select Particular Adjusment Mode, Waste ink pad counter, and then you can reset your printer Epson L4150. For full instructions how to reset Epson L4150 you can read the documentations here.

How to Reset? See here.

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