How to Reset Epson L4150

To reset Epson L4150 you need to download the resetter for Epson L4150. First before we do resetting the printer you can download the resetter via link here. After that, you can following this instructions:

  1. After download the resetter here, you need to disable all of your antivirus include Windows Defender Realtime Protection and Tamper Protection.
  2. Now you can extract the resetter, right click and Extract All. See below images.
Extract the Resetter Epson L4150
  1. After you extract, please double click Adjprrog L4150.exe, or you can right click then Open.
Open the resetter L4150
  1. Will appear pop up messages, you can copying all messages include hardware id with press ctrl+c in your keyboard, then paste the hardware id in notepad, then copying just the hardware id.
Copy all messages with ctrl+c
Copy just hardware id
  1. Open WLGEN application in Keygen Folder with double click or right click then Open. After Open, Click License Manager. See images below.
Open WLGen
Click License Manager
  1. Click Add License and Fill Forms with you want, include your hardware id, see images below.
Add License
Paste your Hardware ID here and fill forms with you want
  1. Then click Create License Key.
Click Create License Key
  1. Copy and Paste all of your Generated License Key files, to same with Adjprrog L4150.exe folder.
Copy all files to same directory with resetter
  1. Then open Adjprrog L4150.exe.
Open the resetter
  1. Accept License Agreement and then select Model L4150, and Click Ok.
Select L4150 Model
  1. Choose Particular adjustment mode, then select Waste ink pad counter, and click Ok.
Select particular adjustment mode
Select Waste ink pad counter, click Ok
  1. Checklist on Main pad counter, click button Check, click button Initialize, and click Ok.
Resetting Process
  1. Turn off your printer, and turn on again, your Epson L4150 will can used again.

Video Tutorial

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