How to Activate Windows 11

Last Updated on August 30, 2023 by Humera Hallari

To activate the latest Windows 11 you can use 2 options. The first one you can get a key from Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center. Then the second method you can use activator like KMS Tools by Ratiborus.

The First Way How to Activate Windows 11

To activate Windows 11 you can purchase the key officially through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center page. You can sign in and get the key according to your version of Windows. To get to volume licensing service center page click here.

Once you get the official key from Microsoft. You can enter it in Activation Settings. How to find it, use the search bar in your Windows and type “Activation settings“.

The Alternative Way How to Activate Windows 11

If you may only use Windows for learning purposes, you can activate Windows 11 using KMS by Ratiborus software.

1) Disable all of your antivirus first (required).
2) Download the KMS by Ratiborus software, click here.
3) Run the program and select for Windows activation.
4) Done

Those are some effective ways how to activate Windows 11 correctly. You may also be able to activate Windows 11 in other ways.

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