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Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera Hallari

What is Pytha Viewer

3D CAD Pytha users can now share files with non Pytha users. Non-Pytha users can easily open the files and check the complex plan in 3d using the new free Pytha viewer. This adds great value as the Pytha cad drawings can be examined well in and out before further sending it for production. The accounting team can also use Pytha viewer and make accurate estimates based on the 3d drawings.

Pytha Viewer Use Case

PYTHA viewer helps the user to navigate the file using a 3 button mouse. The user can easily change the view from the ribbon bar and can pan or zoom a scene easily in 3d. furthermore, the scene can be changed to shaded with materials or completely transparent with solid off, this gives an amazing experience to the user for expressing his ideas to the designer and evaluating the perfection in the file. Pytha v25 viewer also allows the user to check and measure the dimensions, radius, and angle in 2d or 3d.

Pytha viewer also allows the user to check the plotting and technical details if given in the project by the designer.

Who can use Pytha v25 Viewer

Architects, Interior designers, Estimators, Production Engineers, machine operators, or anyone related directly or indirectly to a design-to-machine project can use Pytha viewer.

Pytha Viewer v25 System Requirements

Pytha viewer v25 will run Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows 11

Pytha Viewer needs a minimum dual-core processor.

A minimum of 2GB of graphics cards is required for smooth viewing of the scene.

8Gb of minimum ram is required to handle the bigger and more complex scene.

Pytha Viewer Supports both Intel ARM processors too. make sure to download the correct version from the link below.

Pytha Viewer v25 Download Links

Pytha V25 Viewer 32bit & 64bit download link below

Pytha V25 Viewer for ARM64 Download link below


Can I model objects in Pytha Viewer?

No, You cannot model an object be it in 3d or 2d. To model an object you will need to buy the Pytha modeler version from your local Pytha dealer.

Can I get a Free Pytha full version like the Pytha viewer above?

No there is no free or crack of Pytha modeler or Pytha full version. You can although try asking for a trial from your local Pytha dealer.

Can I hide some of the objects in the Pytha viewer?

Yes, you can hide the parts by turning off the visibility in the layers. You can toggle the visibility of the parts by right-clicking on the viewport and selecting the make invisible function.

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