Fix No Drivers are Installed for This Device

Last Updated on November 11, 2022 by Humera Hallari

No drivers are installed for this device. It seems to occur on Windows Device Manager when Windows can’t identify the hard device and provide a driver. The unknown device is not functioning until you install the right driver. Windows can identify most of the devices and download a driver to release them automatically. When this process is failed, you should identify this device and hunt your driver itself. 

Finding Unknown Device 

You will see the information on the unknown device in Device Manager. To open it on Windows 10, you should right click on the left bottom of your screen or press Windows Key+X and choose Device Manager. If you have installed Windows 7, press Windows Key+R, type devmgmt.msc on the dialog of Run, then, press Enter. Device Manager also can be accessed from the Control Panel or search on your menu or screen. 

You will find an unknown device or another device in which it is not functioning under the other devices. Every device with the problem has a yellow sign on the icon. Such a device will often be called no drivers are installed for this device. However, sometimes it will have a more descriptive name. For this purpose, the difference is no problem. Though you may look at the name for the device, Windows doesn’t know specifically the driver that you will need. 

Finding Your Unknown Hardware ID

Now, you can identify the device. Then, click right to the unknown device and select Properties to see further information. Windows will let you know that it has an inappropriate driver. Click the Details tab, property box, and select hardware ID into the list. Windows will show more information details on this device. But, the hardware ID will help you to identify the devices. You usually will see the long string list of the character. The device will not let know but the hardware ID has a unique ID. 

You can search a website for hardware ID by using a search engine. You should find the name of the related hardware and unknown hardware. It will give you the needed information to finding a driver. You can activate debugging. Thus, you should install an ADB driver. Windows will recognize the interface of ADB and the device that you will be installed correctly to the unknown device. 

Installing a Driver 

If you want to install a driver manually, you can fix no drivers are installed for this device by installing the right driver for your devices. You don’t need to change the device manager. Just install a driver with a standard installer. You can use a button of Update Driver on the Properties in Device Manager too. You can also click the link of Browse my computer for the driver and select your driver from your folder.

Example Video How Find and Install Driver on Windows 10

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