Fix Can’t Create New Folder in Windows

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Have you ever experienced unable to create a new folder or “New Folder” on your Windows computer? This happens because there is damage “REGISTRY” that occurs on your Windows computer. Already the various things we try, start trying to create “New Folder” with right click (context menu), try from the toolbar, and other ways but nothing works.

This is indeed very annoying and slows down our work when using the computer. That’s why I want to share how to solve the problem cannot create “New Folder” in Windows with a very easy way, that is by fix/restore the registry to make the folder back to its original state. Follow the steps below.

Troubleshooting Can not Create New Folder/New Folder in Windows

1. Download the following registry file. [ Click here ]
2. Extract the registry files that are still in the “.zip” format, by the way, Right Click >> Extract Here.
3. Please open the extracted folder, in it, there is a file named “Add_New_context_menu.reg“.
4. Right click on file “Add_New_context_menu.reg” and choose “Merge“.
Done, it should be if there is no problem you will be able to make “New Folder” again.
5. Enjoy guys 😉

If you are still not clear how to use it, please you can see the tutorial video below.

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