Fallout 3 Windows 10

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Everything You Need to Know about Fallout 3 Windows 10. Fallout 3 is one of the action role-playing games for PC that is developed by Bethesda Game Studios. This is the third series of Fallout game that has been released on November 11, 2015. You can install this game on your PC or you just download Fallout 3 Windows 10. It has good graphics quality and it is only compatible with high-end PC.

Setting and Story

The setting is in the United State in 2277. This game can be played in the first-person perspective to fight against enemies from different countries. This is the greatest war that may happen in the future according to the game. Chinese is the enemy of the US army in this game where Canada helps the US to join the battle war. Most of the states are destroyed, but some of the Washington DC citizens can still enjoy their life where they live inside a huge bunker which is called Vault 101. In this game, the player belongs to a lucky person who lives in Vault 101 despite there are so many people who diet due to the nuclear bombing. As a result, these people are mutated and become monsters and zombies.

Incredible Graphics

The Fallout 3 Windows 10 is like a theme park in which each character and place have their own storylines. In fact, Fallout 3 has an incredible graphics performance. The world details look so realistic with many 3D items. There are so many things that you can explore in the game and it is all your decision where you want to go. Fallout 3 is not only compatible with Windows 10, but it also supports Windows 7, 8, Vista, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. But, you also need to check the minimum requirements. You have to prepare 7Gb free hard disk space, 1GB System RAM or higher, 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or higher, and good graphics cards such as ATI X850 or NVIDIA 6800.

Tips and Trick

This game belongs to a heavy game that you can play on your PC, but it is also not easy to win the game. So, you really need to read some tips and tricks below.

  • No matter how powerful your character is, you still need a partner to accompany you. Dogmeat can be your good partner in this game that you have to recruit. You can find it on Scaryyard. Dogmeat is very useful to hold some enemies and never let your dogmeat die and kill the entire enemies using your best weapons.
  • You just ignore the Laser Weapon, Skill big guns, and Melee because it is not too useful. You may not easily get some heavy weapons such as a laser, minigun, missile, and rock-it launcher. The best way is to optimize your Small Gun status earlier because most of the weapons that you can find in Fallout 3 belong to light weapons such as Assault Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun.
  • Perk is a special skill that can give special abilities to your character. Some good perks for you are Comprehension, Gun Nut, Educated, Thief, Gunslinger, Strong Back, Commando, Sniper, Silent Running, Action Boy, Light Step, Tags, Better Criticals, and Grim’s Reaper Spirit.

Well, that’s all about Fallout 3 Windows 10 that you need to know, especially for gamers. Most of the gamers will love this game because this game has an amazing storyline with wonderful graphics performance. But, you also need to make sure that your PC is good enough with good specifications. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable to play this heavy game.

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