Epson M1120 Driver

Last Updated on November 11, 2022 by Humera Hallari

The Epson M1120 Driver is software used to maximize the performance of the Epson M1120 printer. By using this driver, maintenance on the Epson M1120 printer will be easier. In addition, the printer will be able to work better when the driver has been installed.

The Epson M1120 only has the feature to print documents, so the drivers needed to install are only one. To install the Epson M1120 driver you can follow these steps.

How to Install Epson M1120 Driver

1) To install the M1120 driver first you must first turn on the printer, and make sure the printer is connected to the PC where the driver you want to install.
2) Download the Epson M1120 driver. The link is below this article.
3) Once downloaded double-click on the driver, and follow the guidelines listed on your monitor screen.
4) You may need to restart your PC and Printer in order for the driver to function properly.

Epson M1120 Driver Download

Epson M1120 drivers can be installed on Windows 7/8/10/11. The driver size is 29.3 MB. You don’t need to extract a driver to perform the installation. To download the Epson M1120 driver, please click the following link.

Developer: Epson

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