Epson L485 Driver

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The Epson L485 Driver is software to maximize the performance of the Epson L485 printer. By installing the driver, the Epson L485 printer will be easier to maintain, and the printout of the document will be better and maximal.

The Epson L485 has a function for printing documents and can also be used for copying, and scanning documents. Drivers must be installed so that this printer can be used to scan documents. To install the Epson L485 driver you can follow the following guidelines.

How to Install Epson L485 Driver

1) Download the Epson L485 driver, in which there are two drivers one for the printer one for the scanner. Once downloaded then do the extract on the file.
2) Make sure the printer is on and connected to your PC.
3) Install the printer driver and also the scanner driver one by one by double-clicking on the file, then follow the instructions that appear on the program.
4) You may need to restart your PC so that your printer and scanner can work properly.

Epson L485 Driver Download

The Epson L485 printer driver has a total size of approximately 108 MB. You can install this driver on a PC with Windows 7/8/10/11. You can download the Epson L485 driver via the following link.

Developer: Epson

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