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Epson L120: One of the best economical printer with quality

Epson printers are widely used by people all over the world. Moreover, Epson l120 is one of the widely used printers in Southeast Asia. It has four ink bottles for highly contrasting printing and shading printing. Each container has a limit of 40 ml. One container of black ink can get the job done for printing up to 4500 pages, while the rest of the three jugs with color ink can print up to 7500 pages.

It’s possible that the number of pages you actually print might be less or much more than the numbers above. There are three factors that affect the amount of ink used on the Epson L120 printer the type of document you are printing, the type of paper used, and the room temperature in which the document is being printed. The ink we are referring to here is the original ink by Epson. If you use local or 3rd party ink, the difference between the number of pages and the numbers above may vary. However, the most worrying thing about using local and 3rd party ink are not how many pages you can print, but the higher risk of damage to the printer. The difference in pH levels in the ink alone can make the printer’s condition quickly deteriorate and might require more service than usual.

Regarding the print quality of the Epson L120 printer, the print head that adopts micro piezo technology is capable of printing up to 720 ink dots per inch on print media through hundreds of nozzles that fill its surface. The print speed, when measured using the ISO/IEC 24734 standard, is equivalent to 8.5 black-and-white pages per minute and 4.5 color pages per minute.

Now with all that said above many users sometimes find it difficult to find the Epson L120 drivers. Therefore you can download the Epson L120 driver easily on this site.

The Epson L120 printer driver is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions and supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11. The software we share is the official driver directly provided by Epson. For the installation process, it’s more or less similar to installing a regular app if you don’t know-how.

Step by step guide on how to install the Epson L120 driver:

  1. Download the epson l120 driver software we provided in the link below.
  2. Open the appropriate 32 bit or 64 bit Epson L120 printer driver application.
  3. Check Set as default printer and Automatically update software if needed.
  4. Then you will asked to select the desired language. Choose the language and click next.
  5. You will taken to a usual license aggrement page. Do accept it and click next.
  6. The installation process should begin and you will be asked to turn on the printer and connect the USB cable. Please do the needful as said.
  7. Once you have connected the printer to the computer, the driver installation process will continue. When finished, the message printer driver installation was completed successfully will appear. This makes the driver installation part complete.

Screen Shot Guide

Below are the screenshots we made incase you want to skip reading and directly jump to the download part.

Download Epson L120 Driver

To download the Epson L120 Printer driver, you can do so by clicking the download link below.


The installation guide is 100% verified and working by our team. We made sure to keep the drivers updated. incase of any issues do comment below.

In case you face other maintenance issues, then I would recommend using the service and maintenance tool for your Epson l120 named as Epson resetter for l120. We have made the guide with download links as given below.

Epson L120 Resetter


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