Epson G4500 Resetter

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Epson G4500 resetter is a software used to reset Waste ink pad counters that exist on Epson PM G4500 printers. By using this resetter (adjustment program), you will be able to fix error problems on your Epson G4500 printer independently and easily.

Epson G4500 resetter adjustment program is free, can be used on many PCs at once. What’s more, the way to use it is quite easy. You can simply follow the following guidelines to reset the Waste ink pad counter on your Epson printer.

How to Reset Epson G4500 With Adjustment Program

1) Disable all of antivirus include Windows realtime protection and tamper protection for Windows 10.

2) Download resetter file for Epson G4500, link in below this article.

3) After that you can extract the file, then run “adjprog.exe” file as administrator. Right click > Run as administrator.

4) Click “Accept” for license agreement.

5) Click on “Particular adjustment mode” button, select “Waste ink pad counter” option, and click “OK“.

6) Please tick on “0 column” and “80 column” option, then click “Check” button, after that click “Initialization” button.

7) If you encounter an error, repeat the last step in number 6, until the resetter works.

8) Then turn off the printer and turn back on the printer again.

That’s a tutorial how to use Epson G4500 Resetter. This resetter can be run on Windows 7/8/10 OS. You can download the Epson G4500 Resetter/adjustment program for free through the following link.

Developer: Nosware

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