Download VDI/VHD Windows 10

Last Updated on September 9, 2023 by Humera Hallari

VDI/VHD Windows 10 is Operating System based on Windows 10 that planted in VDI/VHD Format. So, You need to install VirtualBox if you want using this Operating System. What advantage if you’re using Windows 10 in VDI/VHD VirtualBox? You don’t need to install Windows 10 operating system if you just want to try Windows 10.

VDI/VHD Windows 10 is have size approximately 10GB. This Windows 10 is activated and installed Google Chrome for default apps. You can install any software you want there, and of course you still can increase disk capacity. You can download VDI/VHD Windows 10 for free here.

Developer: Nosware

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