Google Chrome Offline Installer

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

Google Chrome is a lightweight, fast and very easy to use browser. In addition it’s having smooth interfaces, simple and user friendly, many other reasons people around the world use Google Chrome browser as the default browser on their computer.

Here are the reasons why Google Chrome is one of the best browser:

  • The interfaces is simple

Simple Google Chrome interfaces make user no trouble to use this one browser. In addition, the proportion of the size of the task bar and bookmark bar that fit, making it more pleasing to the eye.

  • Bookmarks are neat
Bookmark Bar Google Chrome
Bookmark Bar Google Chrome

Additionally, Google Chrome has an efficient and neat Bookmark bar. So the pages we store in bookmarks are easy to manage and easy to reopen while we need.

  • It doesn’t take up much memory
Google Chrome More Reliable
Google Chrome More Reliable

Google Chrome is now very light in use, according to our compare after the trial with some other browsers, Google Chrome is still one of the lightest. You can see the screenshot.

  • Has many usable extensions
Google Chrome Extensions Store
Google Chrome Extensions Store

In Google Chrome there is an extension store that you can use to search for extensions you may need, such as extensions to download videos, download audio and more.

  • Have incognito window

With this mode, you can surf the internet more privately and secrets, because your cookies and browsing history will not be saved by Google Chrome browser.

  • Almost supports any kind of web script and flash

Certainly Google Chrome has supported many web scripts, from our experience using Google Chrome,  hasn’t been too much trouble when opening various web in the world.

To download Google Chrome offline installer, you can download it at the following link.

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