Download Resetter Epson L3060: Verified & Updated 2022

Last Updated on August 11, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Resetter Epson L3060 is a software used to reset waste ink Pad counter on the Epson L3060 type printers. The Epson L3060 printers are widely used in Europe because this printer has many functions in a single printer. Epson L3060 printers can be used to Scan, Copy, and also Printing.

As we know almost all types of Epson printers require Resetter, no exception on Epson printers L3060. Here we are sharing Epson L3060 printer Resetter software for free to you, which you can use to reset your Epson L3060 printer.

To reset the Epson printer L3060 It is very easy, first you can download the Resetter through the link below, then you can extract file, and you must open files named “Reset-Epson-L3060_Loader” by right click on the file and select “Run as Administrator“, then you can click the button “Activar KEY“. Then you must select “Particular adjustment mode“, select “Waste Ink pad counter” and click “Ok“, tick the section “Main pad counter“, press button “Check“, then press button “Initialize“, click “Finish“, turn off your printer and turn it back on.

To use the Epson L3060 Resetter you must temporarily disable all existing antivirus on your computer, including Windows Defender Realtime Protection and Tamper Protection. If not, then file will be considered a virus and you will not be able to reset your printer.

We also provide tutorials on how to reset Epson L3060 in videos format that you can see below.

How to Reset Epson L3060 in Video

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