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Last Updated on November 11, 2022 by Humera hallari

Game Black PC version is a game of strategy game and battle game. This game is similar to games like Counter-Strike and Point Blank. You who often play PS 2 games would not be unfamiliar with this one Black game.

In playing the black game requires genius and intelligence, because this game not only requires its players to shoot and kill the enemy but also must use the strategy to win in the game.

To play this black game you need a PS2 Emulator. But you can also try to play it directly, following tutorial how to play this black game.

Download Game Black PC version of the link is below, then do not forget the extract in it there is a .iso file
Please open your PS2 Emulator Owned
Browse the black game that you extract the file by selecting CDVD > ISO > Browse
Then choose System > Boot CDVD
If that does not work or you’re confused try extract file. Also, use Winrar program, then double-click on a game with extension .exe.

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