Download Computer Based Test (CBT) Application

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Computer Based Test Application is an application that is used to run a computer-based test online and web-based examination system.

Computer Based Test Application is in VHD (Virtual Harddisk) format which can be run using VirtualBox software, specially VirtualBox 6.0.4.

What you need to set in VirtualBox is as follows.

1.) IP Address on LAN 1 (Network Adapter 1) use the BRIDGE setting in VirtualBox with the segment IP, because the IP address on the Computer Based Test Application is, so use same segment, for example and so on.

2.) NAT settings in VirtualBox on LAN 2 (Network Adapter 2).

3.) Ping your computer first to IP, after connection, you can open it in the browser.

4.) The admin username and password are admin:admin. Login menu for admin is in the bottom right corner.

5.) Here are other software that are useful to run with this CBT application.

Installation Instruction Can Be Found Here.

Developer: Nosware Inc.

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