The Component of Computer Hardware and its Part

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The component of computer hardware is many part and items. A computer is a machine that carries arithmetic and algorithm instructions. You can use computers for wide use, not only for playing games, watching movies or videos, or for presentation.

The computer has at least two components, software, and hardware. Software is the intangible assets of a device that becomes the brain of a computer, while the hardware is the physical part of a device like a keyboard, mouse, monitor, CPU or central processing unit, graphics card, computer data storage, speakers, sound card, and also motherboard.

The hardware device of computer works together with the software, it executes instructions and commands given by the software. The combination of the two aspects forms the computing system that can be used. Though some systems can work only with hardware.

Parts of Computer

Today’s computer has at least five main components, includes a motherboard; volatile memory or RAM, the Random Access Memory; a CPU or Central Processing Unit; a GPU, also called Graphics Processing Unit; and also storage that is known as HDD, Harddisk Drive.

Those main components are placed on the motherboard. They are protected with a case, resembling a polished and clean look that is easy to see. You need to know that all the components are standard, that you can find in all computers, though the computers differ in brands and design, they must have all the listed components.

Like software, users can also upgrade their computer hardware. Here, upgrading means adding additional or new devices or hardware to a computer to increase the capacity, improve the performance, and also add several features. For instance, users want to get a faster hard drive, then they can replace the old drive with a faster hard drive. Or can change the SSD or Solid State Drive to boost their computer’s performance.

The difference between these two is that SSD is pricier than the HDD, and the speed is faster than it. Yet, the main function of these parts is to store the data by letting it read by a mechanical arm.

The reason why the SSD is faster than a hard drive is that it doesn’t nude any mechanical arms to look for data on the physical part of the disk.

Users can also install more RAM or Random Access Memory, to add additional storage to save their temporary data. Bigger RAM will also help users with faster-retrieving data.

Another hardware upgrade is adding a USB 3.0 expansion card so that their computer can work with a USB 3.0 device. Or users can also add GPU or the Graphics Processing Unit for advanced yet cleaner graphics. A hardware upgrade is necessary especially for old computers to meet updated and new program requirements. It lets users have a faster device. 

Mobile Device and Computers

Besides talking about the component of computer hardware, we will also discuss the device’s software and application. Today’s computers can work well with several mobile devices. It eases you to travel from one place to another and being able to access the computer system or application. The mobile phone itself is a computer since it also has the components that a computer also has, like software and also hardware.

Several applications we have listed can be used both for mobile devices as well as a desktop computer, like Kodi. Kodi is open-source software that is used to organize your media.

The free software is available for several operating systems like Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and you can also find Kodi on android phone. By using Kodi, users are able to any various media libraries using multiple devices. With the local network, Kodi can be downloaded with ease. Linux, an operating system that we know only for computers can also be applied for mobile devices. Running Linux on android phone can be done both whether you root your device or not.

Besides Kodi and Linux, WhatsApp can also be used for desktop or PC. You also can use two WhatsApp in one phone by using dual apps settings. This feature can be found in your smartphone. Here, you can duplicate the application you want like WhatsApp. Once you finish the process, check the launcher for the second WhatsApp logo and tap it.  

You even can do installing Whatsapp on PC without phone. What you need to do is looking for WhatsApp and download it using BlueStack App Player. Once you open the application using the app player, users will be asked to fulfill the sign-up information as formalities. Then, just enter the mobile number you use and complete the registration. You don’t need it. a QR code for accessing WhatsApp when using a PC.

App Driver for Desktop

When connecting your computer with other devices, you may need drivers to run the program. One example to do like install HP printer on Mac. Once you download, open to file to begin the installation process. You need to follow the instructions to set-up and install the software. Users also can install bootable flash drive windows 10 with ease. To do it, select the USB drive that you want to use, then choose the partition scheme. After that, tap on the disc icon, besides the ISO drop-down, and move it to the location of your original Windows 10 ISO. After you navigate it to that location, tap Start and it will be ready in minutes.

Drivers are needed to be updated so that you can use them effectively. To help you do the task, use open source driver updater to ease you updating all the drivers you install on your computer. There are free drivers you can choose and one will free you from dealing with Device Manager. One of them is Driver Booster. This driver can be used for all versions of the Windows operating system, and make the driver’s update becomes simple. The driver will run automatically when finding outdated drivers. DriverPack Solution is another choice. It has an easy interface that makes it easy to operate. You may find problems related to driver installation. Sometimes there is a popup message saying no drivers are installed for this device or network adapter driver missing. What you need to do is uninstall the driver, and try to reinstall it. Here is what you need to know about the component of computer hardware.

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