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Resetter Epson L455 is a software used to reset waste ink pad counters that exist on Epson L455 printers. This resetter can resolve errors with a “Service Required” message when the printer is used to print documents.

Epson L455 resetter is free and can be used unlimited on many PCs. Using Epson L455 resetter is also quite easy, you can reset it independently at home by following the following guidelines.

This is How to Reset Epson L455 Printer Using Resetter Software

1. First turn off all antiviruses that are installed on the computer. Includes Windows Defender Realtime Protection if using Windows 10.

2. Download the resetter for Epson L455, the link is below this article. Then after downloading extract the file.

3. Open the resetter folder, and run the file named “Adjprog.exe”. After appearing popup directly select the button “Particular adjustment mode”, then select “Waste ink pad counter”, and click “Ok”.

4. Tick the “Main pad counter” option, then click the “Check” button, followed by clicking the “Initialize” button. If an error happens, repeat the steps at this stage until the printer is successfully reset.

Once the printer has been successfully reset immediately turn off the printer, close the resetter software, and turn your printer back on. Your Epson L455 printer should be reusable for printing documents. You can download the Epson L455 resetter via the following link.

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