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IPTV Tools – Zaman Now is a streaming application for watching iptv,
this application can checks channels whether the channels online or offline, leech playlists, download channels, guess channels, and much more, details are explained below.

IPTV Tools – Zaman NOW.  Versi 1.4

built-in video player
built-in its own video player, the player very simple, can be resized, can ontop.
because  video player using dll from vlc , make sure vlc (32 bit) is installed on your computer, (you can download VLC 32bit  at: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html)
install only 32 bit VLC, even though your Operating System is Windows 64 bit. (This will fix player does not appear)
install vlc newer version, older version make some channels not shown
keyboard shortcut: F2 (Full screen, exit full screen), F3 make video player ontop.    

m3u (playlist) leecher
this function will collect m3u playlists (fresh, new every day),

link checker
check whether the links online or offline,
 it saves our time if we know that the channels link  dead

open m3u8, save
Channels that have been checked, can be save on disk drive with the extension m3u / m3u8 / txt.
saved channels can be opened  any time, edited and  saved again.

add from text
copy paste some links or text containing links, this function then only take the links, and ignore another additonal text.

add from url
input link that contained playlists 
(usually links containing “m3u” or “playlist” at the end of the link),  you can search from  internet or from m3u leecher function above.
this function then will automatically open the playlist and display channels contained in it. (usually it containing .ts at the end of the link)

There are thousands of channels available, I’m sure not all of them watched, sometimes we found interesting channel then we forgot the link address.
This favorite function will automatically save the channel that we choose to save, then whenever we want to watch the channel again, just open the favorite.

sequence url
this function guesses the links. This function will make a sequential link according to our requirements, then check the sequential links.
this function is useful for finding other channels through existing channels using patern sequential links.

grab other channels
grab all channels from iptv server based only from one channel link, 🙂

m3u info (updated on v.1.1)
with this function we will get some information about the m3u link
ex: status: (active/disabled/banned), created and expired, maximum connections, how many people are watching using the link, etc..

private leecher ( updated on v.1.1)
you can leech from your personal url, just put website, blog, forum that contain m3u url then save
click leech button, the program will leech all m3u url from the pages .

channel search engine ( updated on v.1.3)
this function is very useful for finding a channel that we want worldwide
just input channel name / keyword, then search.
this function using google search query, to find channel url

up2 pastebin ( updated on v.1.4)
Make your playlist online by upload it to pastebin directly from this application

*before using this application it’s better to watch its video demo

Note: I do not do channel hosting, channel re-streaming, what the program does is download  resources from internet and display them.
This application doesn’t contain channels and playlist, it extract data from worldwide.

Developer: Ez-tracker
Website: https://ez-tracker.net

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