Google Play Store Apk for Chinese Phone

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by SanaModi

Sometimes when you buy a Chinese phone, you need to install the google play store apk for a Chinese phone. There are few Chinese manufacturers that pre-installed Google Play. However, Google bans the apps and paid apps purchase for some Chinese users. 

Reason to Install Google Play Store APK 

Don’t have Google Play Store on an android phone can be a serious problem because most of the wide apps used in the phone will not work with Google Play services. Google Play Store also has hundreds of apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Chinese phone manufacturers usually customize their ROM devices so their ROMs are available with most of the Mobile Services Suite. Different types of computer hardware in China also impact the Google Apps that mostly need by users. 

Google Installer APK 

Google Installer APK app is a software app that lets users install all Google Apps in the android phone in case the user has a Chinese phone that does not run the G-Apps package. With G-Apps users can run all Google Apps. 

The Google Apps apk supports Android 4.0+, Google Service Framework, and Google Data sync features. 

  • Download Google Installer APK file 
  • Go to Settings > about phone > tap Build Number 7 times to activate “Developer Options
  • Enable “Allow Mock Location” in Developer Options Section
  • Go to Settings > security > unknown resources and enable it 
  • Locate the downloaded file to store and install 
  • Open the app and click the blue and yellow circle 
  • Install Google Service Framework to smartphone 
  • Tap and click the Red button on the screen 
  • Tap to accept the terms and allow all permission 
  • Your phone now already with Google Apps Service to download  apps from google play store apk for Chinese phone

Google Play Store API to download Apps without Google Account 

  • Aurora Store. With Aurora store, you can download apps from Google Play without creating a Google account. Aurora Store is an independent app store and it enables users to download apps from Google Store Server. Aurora store able to run without Google Account. It is lightweight and comes with a nice user interface. 
  • Yalp Store. This is the freeware apps store that installs Google Play store apps without the requirement of a google account or G-apps suite. With Yalp Users can download Apk and install the update right from the Google Play store without giving Google Apps or GMS Suite. Users can download manually to the device to avoid G-apps taking too much space when they download and install google play store apk for a Chinese phone. 

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