GeChic Portable Monitors: Honest Buying Guide

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The name GeChic needs no introduction when it comes to quality Portable Monitors. It is a renowned Taiwan brand and is working proudly in the tech industry for the last 7 years now. Since the evolution of multi-tasking setups, be it for professional work or gaming purposes, Gechic is loyal to their customer and offers the best portable monitors that can be attached flawlessly to the primary laptop or screen to get the desired results. They won the ground by introducing blue light filters and flicker-free technologies in their devices in order to lessen eye strain during prolonged working sessions.

It’s excellent manufacturing techniques and trusted warranty policy makes them high-performance multi-tasking devices that can be considered as a long-term investment as well. These monitors are loaded with mind-blowing features having a slim and compact design enabling the users to connect them with a variety of devices such as gaming consoles, laptops, PCs, and other devices with its wireless display adapters.

The majority of the Gechic monitors have multiple connectors such as VGA and HDMI having a rear port as well that basically keep the wires hidden in the rear side of the screen. The best thing about these monitors is they are light in weight and very sleek in design, so you can easily carry them in your backpack or handbag when needed.

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Features of Gechic Portable Monitors:


Gechic monitors are designed with a high definition 1366*768 advanced resolution having a wider screen along with the basic attribute of using in portrait and landscape mode. 400:1 contrast ratio allows crisp and clear images while playing Xbox or PS4. Moreover, it also allows greater viewing angles of 20 and 45 degrees for almost all four sides, thus offering an exceptional life experience of sharp, acute, and clear images.

The best thing about Gechic is it always comes up with lots of improvements and new features than its siblings. Along with the basic features of the Gechic monitor you can also enjoy an amazing viewing experience by using its HD IPS resolution feature.

Rear Dock:

Another unique thing about the Gechic monitor is its rear dock. Most of the Gechic monitors like the 1503 series are armed with distinctive rear dock connectors that usually consist of displays, power, and other configuration signals at the rear sides. These monitors can be connected through HDMI as well. As it features an HDMI and USB port at the rear side. The best thing is it is compatible with many supported devices like gaming consoles, laptops, computer sticks, mini-PCs, and more.

Detachable Stand:

GeChic portable monitors are introduced with a detachable stand that allows the screen to be placed in a vertical or horizontal direction. These are designed in a way to offer different angles i.e. 72, 62, and 52 degrees for better and clear images.

Accessories provided by Gechic in the box:

The items listed below are the main accessories that are available in the box

  • Portable monitor
  • HDMI-A and micro HDMI cable
  • Philips screw black (M2*3.2mm)
  • 5V-2A adaptor
  • USB power cable
  • Stand
  • Protective cover
  • 1-year warranty

Hot-selling models:

Three of the hot-selling models from GeChic are listed below

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GeChic 1503H portable monitor

GeChic 1503H 15.6" IPS 1080p Portable Monitor with HDMI, VGA Input, USB Powered, Ultralight Weight, Built-in Speakers, Rear Docking

One of the hot-selling models from GeChic is 1503H. Its resolution of 1920*1080 makes multi-display work more compatible and fun. This 15.6 inches screen weighs only 798g. It has a very functional rear dock that combines the video signals and power in the rear port. It also has VGA and HDMI ports. It also comes with a protective cover that keeps it safe from any external damage while on the go. Its full IP HD display brings you refined colors and vivid images. The feelings you get at a 178-degree viewing angle are truly unmatched.

GeChic 1303H:

GeChic 1303H 13.3" 1080p Portable Monitor with HDMI, VGA, MiniDisplay Inputs

Another remarkable model from GeChic is 1303H embracing a resolution of 1920*1080 and 16.7M colors that will introduce you to true-to-life videos and images. It has a more precise and sleek design that beautifully fits in any bag without burdening your shoulders. It has USB and HDMI ports. Moreover, this model also carries dual input ports at the bottom and sides. You can enjoy vertical and horizontal modes without sacrificing the quality of the images. It also has a detachable cover stand that offers various viewing angles to the user.

Gechic 1503i portable monitor:

Gechic On-Lap 1503I 15.6-Inch Portable Touchscreen Monitor

1503i is the most talked about device from Gechic having narrow side bezels and compact design. This 15.6 inches touch screen is only 1064g and 12mm thick. This advanced feature-filled monitor is equipped with prompt and accurate touch response. It supports 8.1/10 Windows touch gestures along with 10-fingers multi-touch whether flicking, dragging, drawing, or tapping. It is immensely easy to operate with a stylus or fingers. It also has various extendable ports.

The list of best models from GeChic didn’t end here. Some other worth buying models include 1303i, 1102i, 2501H, 1101F, 1303A, 1101P, and the list goes on. In short, one can say that GeChic caters to all tastes and specifications.

Final verdict:

The final verdict after considering all the features of Gechic portable monitors is it is a profitable investment whether made for gaming purposes or office work. Gechic monitors will never disappoint you at any point, you can have it in a screen size of your preferred choice. You can get it from Amazon and other online vendors at reasonable prices. Installation is immensely easy and hassle-free. All the portable monitors by GeChic are always loved by customers because of their minimalistic design, outstanding features, durability, and lightweight. These monitors have verily reduced the need for ordinary desktops because of their key features like easy handling and being light on pockets comparatively.

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